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Updated on April 1, 2016
Beautiful Fools poster
Beautiful Fools poster

A Series Fail.

I wanted to like this show. Oh how I wanted to like it but I simply didn't.

I had just finished the first half of the season of Fox (Web Series) and was pumped, stoked, shocked and awed. So naturally I'd do what any other geek would, I stalked their social media platforms. That's when I came across Beautiful Fools. The creators or social media team for Fox had recommended on their Facebook to check it out, however warning that it was in no way affiliated with them and that it's in no way a likeness to it. They were just being bro's, so to speak. With that in mind, I checked it out- with an open mind! Ha! Joke was on me.

I understand that I am not the only critic and what I say isn't law but it is my opinion based on my experience watching this show. I forced myself to watch all the episodes, thinking maybe it'll pick up. It has to! It didn't. Perhaps it was me. Perhaps I was under Fox's spell and wanted more of that and it transcended to my experience watching Beautiful Fools. That could be the case. So please, don't let my review scare you from watching this series. Just bare in mind that it's not Fox. Not even close. It's very different.

In all honesty it seemed as if the makers were bored one day and one of them said, "Let us make a web series!" and the rest went, "Capital idea!" It's as if they were excited to make a series but spent more time on shopping for equipment than developing any form of story.

The writers did not actually write words that would come out of a persons mouth on a regular basis, besides the often used cuss words and therefore the acting didn't seem natural. It was obvious they had lines. I didn't buy any of it! And I'm easy to win over! It reminded me of the movies I used to make in the garage and the plays I watched in high school. There was simply no feeling and no belief behind the dialogue. The only one who delivered his lines well was Peter played by Dominic Best. Peter is a fuck up and it seems that the writers wanted to give a reason why that is by putting him in awkward and pathetic situations rather than getting it across in the first episode and trusting us to believe them. I couldn't understand what he really wanted and what he was feeling. All I understood was, this guy is a fuck up who's fucked up all the time. No layers. No depth. Nothing. I found it very hard to relate to any of the characters.

The one thing I did admire about this show was the quality.. Just because I don't like the show doesn't mean I can't gather things to respect from it. They had some real good equipment. The clarity is beautiful. The cinematography, done by someone who at least went to school and sound that was clear. That's about it.

Artistic? Yes. I think you really have to like this type of amateur film making to love it. Messy? Absolutely and not in a fun way. It was sloppy and hard to follow. The acting was practiced. The writing? Not enough. It lacked heart and soul. It sensationalized alcoholism in the most pathetic way (maybe that was the point? If so, then the show is brilliant). It was a disappointment.

Overall, I do encourage you to check it out to make your own opinion. This was just mine. There are things to like about it but not much to love.

Beautiful Fools Now Streaming on Vimeo


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      3 years ago

      Hated it! Watched 2 eps and watched something else. It's not even worth trying.


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