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Updated on June 11, 2011

Things have changed a lot for people of color in America. I think Martin Luther King and Malcolm X would be proud. More blacks are going into politics and holding government jobs more now than ever. They are striving to get better education for themselves and their children. I believe since the election of a black president many of us realize that anything is possible if we do our best.

More roles are being developed for black people thanks to some black writers and produces.Tyler Perry and Spike Lee have done a wonderful job of keeping black actors and actresses working in Hollywood.

Sidney Poitier is one black actor who help pave the way for many blacks to get a foot in the entertainment door.Mrs. Tyson also created a path of introduction for great black actresses. If not for them we may still be struggling to obtain portrayal of real African-American men and woman.

Today we have some great actor and actresses who are taking Hollywood by storm.Tyrese Diggs is one of the greatest actors out there doing great things. Gabrielle Union has done marvelous in getting parts that are true to life.These are just a few of the best and talented black people out there.

The music business is exploding with raw talent.From Janet who is still out doing herself to the lovely Beyonce who has taking the music industry by storm. Several young and fresh rappers have hit the scene with there own take on rapping. Its gone from Lil Bow Wow to Webbie.

One of my old favorites is Bob Marley. In 1965 he formed the band Wailers with Peter Toch and Bunny Livingstone. He is most widely known for his reggae music. He is also credit for the spread of Jamaican and Rastafarian music to the whole world.Losing him was a great tragedy

This black woman is not famous but i feel she should be recognize.Ida Keeling, shes 95, and set the record for the 60-meter sprint in her age group.She's only 4-feet 6inches tall and weighs 83 pounds.Her daughter encouraged her to start running at age 67. How amazing is that?

Ms. Blair Grifffith, who won Miss Colorado USA, along with her ailing mother recently lost their home but she still plans to compete in Miss USA pageant in June. She is 23 years old and graduated magna com laude. These are the things that make me proud to be an African-American.

Yes we have come a long way but there are still many obstacles that we need to overcome.The black on black crimes,drug abuse issues,teen pregnancies just to name a few. In time we will conquer all these and strive even harder to be all that we can and want to be.The change is here the time is now.


Attorney gen. of Ca. Kamala D. Harris at Peace Officer Memorial Ceremony
Attorney gen. of Ca. Kamala D. Harris at Peace Officer Memorial Ceremony | Source
Ida Keeling 95 yrs old
Ida Keeling 95 yrs old | Source
Book written by Sidney Poitier
Book written by Sidney Poitier | Source
Ms.Jackson | Source
Tyrese | Source

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