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10 Best Superhero Movies Of This Century

Updated on April 22, 2015

Everyone loves superheroes and superhero movies. Whether it is a 10 year old kid or 30 year old husband, everyone loves these movies no matter what. So here I have sorted out the list of best superhero movies of 21st century


The first installment in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, this movie shows the evolution of Bruce Wayne ( Christian Bale) from a billionaire playboy to fearful Dark Knight. Thrilling and outstanding, this one is among the most realistic superhero movies of our time.

After his parents death and years of solitude life, Bruce Wayne sets to learn and change society. Motivated by his mentor Ra's Al Ghul Wayne trains to become a fearsome warrior.But when he realises that the the enemy Gotham has to face is Ghul, Wayne masks himself as the dark knight and sets to defend Gotham.


Well, one of the biggest superhero movies ever made, this multi-superhero starrer movie depicts how all marvel superheros unite against the evil force of Loki , an evil god from Asgard.

Nick Fury must assemble and co-ordinate the avengers team comprising Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye to stop evil Loki, who has gained possession of the Tesseract.


The second installment in Nolan's trilogy shows the evolution of Batman to a more mature superhero, ready to take apt decisions. The main attribute of this film is the character of Joker( portrayed by Heath Ledger). This one's a hell of a movie not to be missed.

Plot: When Joker enters the game challenging Batman and trying to gain control of Gotham, The Dark Knight has to face a very powerful enemy. He has now to choose between saving Gotham or his lady love. When Joker is finally defeated, Batman has to face new challenges.


As always, first installment in a superhero movie series is the best. Robert Downey Jr. simply excels as Tony Stark, the billionaire, playboy superhero Iron Man. Kid's would never wanna miss this one.

Billionaire weapons scientist Tony Stark develops the Iron Man suit and is set to save the world. But unexpected twists happen when he is cheated by his own employee who develops a better suit stealing Tony's technology.Tony now has to fight with less powerful suit and damages arc reactor.


Mutation and life of mutants is the central theme of X-Men movies. The evolution of Logan (Hugh Jackaman) to super powerful Wolverine with adamantium skull and metal claws and his revenge to his makers is the core part of the story.Logan must also fight his brother who is with the bad guys while defending his lady love.


Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is a 2011 movie based on Norse mythology. The powerful crown price of Asgard is sent to earth by his father when Thor attacks the god's enemy the Frost Giants. On earth Thor falls in love with Jane Foster ( Natalie Portman). But Thor's younger brother Loki has eyes for the crown and plans to kill Thor. Thor, stripped of his powers, now faces a big challenge.


Last installment in Dark Knight Trilogy is full of fights, action and suspense. The end of story line along with unexpected twists make the movie awesome. Events of Ra's Al Ghul's death haunts Wayne. Ghul's followers has revived the League Of Shows and wants to destroy Gotham to fulfill Ghul's destiny. Batman sets to defend Gotham. Cat woman comes to his help.


The development of a cure for mutation and the fight of humanity against its destiny is the story line of the movie. The X-Men led by Wolverine now has to fight with humanity against evil Magneto's cruel intentions and fight against the cure.Powerful Jean has also shaken hands with Magneto after killing professor Charles. Wolverine has to take some rough decision to minimise causalities.


This 2008 American superhero movie based character the Hulk by Marvel Comics. Bruce Banner is set to find a cure for the monster he emerges whenever he loses his temper.However, he then must fight a soldier who poses a threat to the society( the Abomination).


Revamped spider man series is a quick portrayal of the evolution of young Peter Parker to a superhero , his lady love and fight with his enemy.Peter has found his fathers missing bag. Events unfolding leads Peter to dark side of Oscorp and has also found a new enemy- The Lizard.


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