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BET'S The Game Is Back

Updated on July 26, 2011

After Two Long Years The Game Is Back On BET

The Game is back, and boy am I excited. I am such a big fan of the hit show that was first introduced to fans on the C.W. network. The show was named the game because it depicts the life of athletes; well mainly NFL athletes, and what life is like being in a relationship of any sort with one of them. It gives way to what it means to be a wife, girlfriend, child, mother, best friend, or even an aquaintence. The show was cancelled of the C.W. Network after three successful seasons. There is still questioning as to why; some suggest that it was removed only because it was a show created with an urban twist by an urban producer. Nevertheless, BET, picked up all three successful seasons, and reaired them. Before long, fans started petitioning a continuation of the show. Two years later BET has restored the game.

The Cast Of The Game

 The cast of THE GAME consists of ,Tia Mowry who's character, Melanie Barnett is the long time girlfriend of the very sexy, Pooch Hall. Pooch Hall's character  who's name by the way is Derwin Davis, is quite the charmer, a bit naive, and super conservative. He is very religious and very moralistic. However, both his faith and morals are constantly being tested as he fights his way through the world of entertainment, playing the rookie teamate who by the way has a live in girlfriend; Or should I say wife, because the last season which was season three, Mr. Davis wed Melanie, and had a baby out of wedlock all in the same day, wow.   It doesn't make matter's any better that Melanie is always in an ongoing debate with her girlfriends on the show, Brittany Daniels who's character Kelly Pitts is married to the veteran on the show, Coby Bell who's character on the show is Jason Pitts, an Wendy Rockell Robinson who's character on the show is Tasha Mack, mother of Malik  Wright the young ladies man of the team with the 40 million dollar contract. This show is full of drama and laughs. I'm so glad that there back.  I managed to gain access to the season premiere that aired January 11, 2011. You should take a look.

Sorry For The Inconvenience

 Ok guys I managed to snag a copy of The Games latest seasons episodes 1 and 2 I posted them to youtube to get an embed code so that I could share both episodes with you; however, due to extreme copyright laws I had to remove them. So Instead I will clue you in on whats happening on the episodes periodically. I will eventually find a way to share this video with you but in the meantime I will give character bio's. I have to admit that I am so infatuated with Mr. Derwin Davis himself, or should I say Mr. Marion Pooch Hall.

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Can u say cutie, now this is my idea of a situation,He is currently gracing the cover of control  magazine.ooh I like.
Can u say cutie, now this is my idea of a situation,
Can u say cutie, now this is my idea of a situation,
He is currently gracing the cover of control  magazine.
He is currently gracing the cover of control magazine.
ooh I like.
ooh I like.

Who is Marion Pooch Hall? Derwin Davis

The actor that we have all come to love on BET's The Game, as Derwin Davis, was born Marion Pooch Hall Jr. on February 8,1976, in Taunton Masachusetts. Pooch Hall was born in Brockton, Massachusetts, were he attended Brockton High School. In 1994, he won Southern New England Boxing for boxing. Hall attended Umass where he got his first taste of acting with the Umass Dartmouth theatre company. There he met his wife LInda. The two married after graduation and have three daughters who oddly enough all have names beginning with the letter D. Sorry to disappoint you ladies but Mr. Hall iis off the market so to speak. For complete viewing of Episode 1 please check out


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    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 7 years ago from Indiana

      My pleasure.

    • shaekelly profile image

      shaekelly 7 years ago from Alabama

      @trusouldj ikr, I am going to compile a hub with spoilers coming soon, thanks for reading my hubs.

    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 7 years ago from Indiana

      I just wish that the show was an hour long. However, they seem to pack a lot in 30 minutes.