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Big Brother Winners List - Where Are They Now?

Updated on October 4, 2015
Big Brother 1 Winner Craig Phillips
Big Brother 1 Winner Craig Phillips | Source
Big Brother 2 Winner Brian Dowling
Big Brother 2 Winner Brian Dowling
Big Brother 3 Winner Kate Lawler
Big Brother 3 Winner Kate Lawler
Big Brother 4 Winner Cameron Stout
Big Brother 4 Winner Cameron Stout
Big Brother 5 Winner Naida Almada
Big Brother 5 Winner Naida Almada

Big Brother Winners where are they now?

We have seen people that are homosexual, bisexual, transexual, well just sexual full stop to be honest.

There has been bitching, fighting, breakdowns racism and errrrrrrrm bunny boiling? we have seen strippers, Mr Gay UK, fireman, mothers, fathers, and even grandparents.

There has been plenty of bed hopping flirting, drunken stripping, kissing and people have even done the deed in the house, although if asked they would strongly deny this. One incident in the pool even resulted in a pregnancy scare for mokosi hmmmmm!!

Big Brother had spin off shows called big brother little brother which was originally presented by Dermott o Leary but taken over by George Lamb when Dermott moved on to X Factor.

Another spin off show called Big Brother's Big Mouth, has been presented by many celebrities since funny man Russell Brand left. Even Big Mother herself Davina McCall had a stint on the show.

In 2010 channel 4 closed the Big Brother doors and said farewell to long time presenter Davina McCall. But where are those big brother winners now?

Big Brother's First 5 Winners

Craig Phillips won the first big Brother back in 2000, he was the nations cheeky but lovable scouser. After winning the show he donated his 70,000 prize money to friend and cousin Joanne Harris so she could fly to America for a heart and lung operation.

Since winning big brother Craig has made more than 800 TV shows as a builder and DIY expert, his most recent being 60 minute makeover, he has made an estimated 5 million.

Brian Dowling was the 2nd Big Brother winner, he was both charming and witty on the show and even won an award for the most popular big brother winner ever.

After winning the show, Brian went on to front a TV show called SMTV Live, he then had his own TV show called Brian's Boyfriends which was very short lived. Brian has since been doing pantomime, voice overs for various adds and came third in Hells Kitchen back in 2007, he has earned an estimated 2.5 million.

Kate Lawler won the third big brother although personaly i think Jade Goody was the real winner of that series. Kate was known for being one of the lads and after winning big brother she has been a radio DJ and done the odd tv presenting job.

Kate appeared on Celebrity Love Island and Celebrity wrestling, she has also had a modelling contract with Ann Summers and has appeared as a celebrity DJ at various clubs. Kate has made an estimated 700,000

Cameron Stout is the winner that no one really remembers, he won Big Brother 4 which was actually the worst rated series ever. Cameron now does a lot of writing and broadcasting for the BBC in Glasgow.

The winner of Big Brother 5 was Nadia Almada who revealed to shocked housemates that she was actually born a man then went on to win the nations hearts. Since Big Brother Naida has released a single called A Little bit of action which reached number 27.

Naida has made a guest appearance on popular soap Hollyoaks and then entered the Australian big brother house. Nadia also released a Latin fitness dvd, and took part in several reality shows including Trust me I'm a Holiday Rep. Naida is currently working on her autobiography.

Big Brother 6 Winner Anthony Hutton
Big Brother 6 Winner Anthony Hutton | Source
Big Brother 7 Winner Pete Bennett
Big Brother 7 Winner Pete Bennett
Big Brother 8 Winner Brian Belo
Big Brother 8 Winner Brian Belo
Big Brother 9 Winner Rachel Rice
Big Brother 9 Winner Rachel Rice
Big Brother 10 Winner Sophie Reade
Big Brother 10 Winner Sophie Reade

Big Brother Winners 6-10

Big Brother 6 winner was the cheeky but very handsome geordie boy, Anthony Hutton.

Anthony was bombarded with unwanted attention while in the house by fellow housemate Craig, and was involved with the whole swimming pool scandal with fellow housemate Makosi..

After winning the show Anthony played for sky one's The Match which is made up of celebrity players, Anthony won man of the match. He then released a fitness dvd called Anthony's 70s Disco Workout, and has recently appeared in pantomime.

Pete Bennett won Big Brother 7, Pete has tourettes syndrome which sparked a lot of contreversy, some people claimed Big Brother were exploiting the fact Pete had tourettes while others claimed it was educational. while in the house Pete struck up a romance with fellow housemate Nikki Grahame and continued to be popular with all the other ladies in the house too.

After being crowned the winner of Big Brother, Pete released an autobiography about his life with Tourette's, he now plays at festivals with his band Pete Bennett and the love dogs. Pete has more recently appeared in Celebrity Four weddings where he had a very bizarre wedding.

Brian Belo was the winner of Big Brother 8, he was the youngest contestant ever to win the show. After leaving the house, Brian started dating one of the twins Amanda.

Brian went on to do some stage performances, and had a cameo role in hollyoaks. Brian also became a regular on ITV'S Harry Hill's TV Burps, and Big Brothers Big mouth. In 2008 he released a single called Essex Boys which failed to make the charts, he now does a online column for Heat Magazine.

Big Brother 9 winner was nice girl Rachel Rice from wales. Rachel was known by her housemates as someone who sat on the fence and this caused them to often question whether she was actually being genuine. Rachel was runner up in Miss Wales competition in 2003, she has also represented North and South Wales in the Miss Great Britain competition.

Rachel won the wales on Sunday 'welsh idol' she was also a top ten finalist in More magazine's most fanciable girl in the UK beauty contest.

And finally Big Brother 10 winner was Sophie Reade. Sophie was known for always talking about her 30GG breasts. When she went into the house The Sun Newspaper published topless photo's of her. At eighteen she had stared a career in glamour modelling and had already posed for playboy.

While in the house she had a brief romance with Chris although he was evicted shortly after. Sophie ran in the London marathon this year and mentioned that she was going to meet Hugh Heffner at the Playboy Mansion.

Big Brother Best Bits 2000-2010 (@areoharewhyy)

Big Brother 11 Winner Josie Gibson
Big Brother 11 Winner Josie Gibson | Source

Last Winner on Channel 4

Bubbly Bristolian Josie Gibson won the last ever big brother, and after a up and down on screen relationship with John James she went on to win the hearts of the nation with her funny sayings and out going personality.

Josie then got put back in to the house for two weeks of Ultimate big brother where she was joined by housemates from previous years. Josie left after only a few days claiming she missed John James and her family, and felt uncomfortable living with real celebrities "Just who do I think I am these days" she said.

Winner of Big Brother 2 Brian Dowling won Ultimate Big Brother but many said had Josie not have walked out, she would have gone on to win that too.

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Brian Belo's photo of his Totally Essex
Brian Belo's photo of his Totally Essex | Source
How Josie Looks Now 2013
How Josie Looks Now 2013

Update 2013

Since writing this hub back in 2010, some of the past winners of Big Brothers have gone back to normality (whatever that is) and others have had some big breaks or a lot of media attention. Here is a brief catch up of what our winners have been up to in the last 3 years.

Craig Phillips now has his own website and continues to do DIY programmes. Criag is also the official Ambassador of Wagner's, a market leading manufacturer.

Big Brother started up again in 2011, this time on channel 5. Brian Dowling was over the moon when he was named the new host of his favourite reality show. Despite Davina being a hard act to follow, Brian did his best to make the role his own. However when a new Boss took over the show, Brian found himself axed and replaced with co-worker Emma Willis. (Ouch)

Kate Lawler is now the presenter of the Kerrang breakfast show. Kate has recently been made host of the new Bauer Late Show where she will be heard across five media stations in the north.

Anthony Hutton has starred in many pantomimes in the past few years, but has now decided to step out of the limelight and open up his own hair salon 'Dude'.

Pete Bennett has recently with magazine ALT-MU, to encourage young people with Tourette's to have careers in music and performing arts. Pete who won Big Brother back in 2006, has had a career in music himself, performing at festivals such as Glastonbury with his band 'Pete Bennett and The Love Dogs. More recently Pete appeared in John Williams movie 'The White Room' playing the role of lead clown.

Brian Belo has co wrote a comedy about reality TV called 'Team Panache'. The pilot episode is being recorded at Elstree Studios. Recently Brian filed a lawsuit against ITV and Lime Pictures for stealing his idea of popular reality show 'The Only Way is Essex' which he originally named 'Totally Essex'.

Brian pitched a pilot episode to Lime Pictures which included his friends Mark Wright, Kirk Norcross, Amy Childs and Sam Freirs who all went on to star in ITV'S 'The Only Way is Essex'.

More interestingly Brian has a contract he received from Lime Pictures back in 2010, asking to buy the rights of 'Totally Essex' for £2,500 which Brian declined. He also has lots of emails between himself and the producers that leave no doubt who the real creator of the show was.

Josie Gibson who was the last Big Brother winner on channel 4 has hardly been out of the media since her departure. Josie had a very public break up with fellow housemate John James.

Josie received a lot of press attention regarding her weight, and was very upset when some photo's of her in a bikini hit the papers while she was on holiday. Josie was so upset by the photo's she decided to slim down, and has now shed an incredible 6 stone, which led to her releasing a fitness dvd.

Josie has had her own reality show 'There's Something about Jose' and appeared on countless other TV programmes.

Since leaving the house she has had her own book and perfume out, as well as being a regular columnist for Now magazine and a presenter for OK! TV. She also became the official face for big cosmetic teeth whitening company Pearlys.

Josie Gibson has gone on to be one of the most successful Big Brother winners ever.

Aaron Allard-Morgan
Aaron Allard-Morgan | Source
Luke Anderson
Luke Anderson
Sam Evans
Sam Evans
Helen Wood
Helen Wood
Chloe Wilburn
Chloe Wilburn

Big Brother Winners - Channel 5

Big Brother was re-launched on Channel 5 in 2011 and despite Davina McCall being offered to carry on as the hit shows presenter, she declined and instead the show was presented by ex big brother winner, Brian Dowling.

However Brian only hosted 2011 to 2012, before Emma Willis took over as the presenter of the show. This is not a decision that went down well with Brian, who was said to be fuming that he was axed and then replaced by friend, Emma Willis.

The show has now been on Channel 5 for five years and it was recently announced that the show would remain on our screens until at least 2018. Here are the winners so far...

1. Aaron Allard-Morgan was the first winner on Channel 5 back in 2011. Since winning the show, Aaron has appeared on OK! TV, The Wright Stuff and Big Brother's Bit on the Side. Aaron wrote a book about the big brother house and opened a bar in Weston-Super-Mare, called Bar Zinger. He also continue to date Faye Palmer who he met while in the house.

2. Luke Anderson was the winner of 2012. While in the house, Luke talked openly about the fact he was born 'Laura Anderson' and was the first Trans man to ever win Big Brother and is now an ambassador for Trans rights.

Luke is now married and head chef at The Alvanley Arms in Cheshire.

3. In 2013, Sam Evans won the show and donated 25% of his winnings to charity. Since winning the show Sam has appeared on numerous TV shows and has been a model for a suit company.

4. Big Brother 2015 will probably be remembered as the most controversial series yet. Many fan were left stunned when Helen Wood won the show, especially after she was branded a bully while in the house.

Helen is still running her own salon and is now a columnist for The Daily Mail. She also went back into the house during 'Celebrity Big Brother' along with other ex housemates, Brian Belo and Nikki Grahame. Helen was once again branded as a bully when in an argument she told Brian Belo that he looks like a rapist and a murderer, which resulted in Brian walking out of the house. Love her or hate her, Helen has now been banned from appearing on anything related to the show.

5. 2015 saw Chloe Wilburn win the show. Down to earth Chloe from Doncaster has gone back to her 9 to 5 job as an administrator after stating that she has no interest in being famous. Chloe scooped £116.000 in winnings but revealed she will be donating £16,000 to Macmillan.


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