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BLACKPINK US Debut: Popular K-Pop Girl Group Sought Out by American Record Labels

Updated on July 19, 2018

In K-pop right now, Black Pink (often stylized as BLACKPINK or BLΛƆKPIИK) is dominating the scene. Their latest K-pop comeback, their second long play (LP) or mini-album Square Up along with its title track song "Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du" is making all kinds of records.

And just so you all know, these records Black Pink are making are garnering plenty of attention not just in their home country of South Korea, but internationally. It can even be reported their international reach and impact has gone further than any other K-pop girl group and that includes the likes of Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, Twice, and Red Velvet.

Initially, Square Up and "Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du" dominated the Korean music charts. Shortly after, reports came in they dominated internationally too and as mentioned earlier, more so than previous K-pop girl groups.

According to Forbes, Black Pink became the highest-charting K-pop girl group in the United States on Billboard charts.Their featured title track. "Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du" reached No. 55 on the Billboard Hot 100. Also, their mini-album Square Up debuted at No. 40 on the Billboard 200 chart.

And if those records weren't enough, it was recently reported by Soompi that "Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du" is now the fastest K-pop song to reach 200 million views. The video not only holds a view count only a select few K-pop acts have reached specifically Big Bang, BTS, Twice, and Girls' Generation, but they did it in record time.


American Labels take notice of Black Pink in their area!

With the recent success Black Pink is experiencing internationally especially in the United States, it was only a matter of time until the western music market took notice. According to an exclusive report by Korean news outlet OSEN, the K-pop girl group received many "love calls" from major American record labels. YG Entertainment has made it clear they will give their utmost support for any official promotions Black Pink has in the United States, as detailed by a representative of the label.

"We are actively communicating with an American record label regarding Black Pink. I think we will be able to deliver good news in the near future."

To be fair though, maybe the biggest reason why Black Pink made such an impact not internationally but in the U.S. specifically is because their music and style resonates with their music industry. It is the same reason why BTS does so well in the U.S. as well.

In all frankness, despite how popular Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, or even Twice are, their style doesn't exactly resonate with the most popular genres of the music industry. Even the U.S. music industry's version of pop music doesn't seem to have much call for styles close to bubblegum pop. Black Pink however is mostly hip-hop and rap, two musical genres extremely popular in the U.S.

YG Entertainment has no immediate plans for Black Pink in the U.S. Music Industry.

At this moment, there is no word by YG Entertainment if Black Pink will enter the U.S. music industry anytime soon. It is believed they will have one more comeback this year in the industry they are founded in before attempting any endeavors overseas.

It is probable that YG Entertainment is waiting for a U.S. record label to take the the reigns on building and guiding Black Pink for a U.S. audience. Such a move is smart because the track record of K-pop acts making it in said market is mostly failures. Just ask many Sones out there how Girls' Generation flopped in the U.S. market with their album The Boys.

On the other hand, maybe YG Entertainment does have something planned. It has become a bad habit of the label to not keep their fans in the loop on what their talent will be doing next.

Do you think Black Pink has a chance in succeeding in the U.S. music industry more so than any other K-pop act before them?

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