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Updated on June 2, 2013

a Match Made in Heaven

Geoff and Jen

...and Baby Zander Makes Three!

in Jen's Own Writing

What are the chances......?!!!!

When I sang in the band at Unity of Melbourne, I was given a CD with music to learn from the 2012 Positive Music Awards. I fell madly in love with the song written and performed by Jen Hannah, "Anything is Possible." I even sang that song as a solo one Sunday. A few months later, the church brought Jen Hannah and her husband, Geoff, from Chicago to join us at Unity for Peace in the Park, an annual gathering. They brought their new baby, Zander, who is cute as a button.

I felt honored as I sat less than ten feet from her on the stage, as she performed her song, both for having met her and for having been able to see her perform the song live that I had been singing all year in the car, in the shower, while cleaning, and sometimes at church.

As the title implies, the song talks about how anything is possible, if you believe. Needless to say, this concept is in line with much of what I have studied the past few years about the law of attraction. Surprisingly to some, it also falls in line with teachings in the Bible about asking for what you want, believing the possibility of receiving and then being open to however the Lord chooses to deliver it, not being attached to the "how." Blind faith is not always easy, that's for sure.

Check out her website at

Bubble Wonders

I knew that she was Jen Hannah, but what I did not know was that there was also going to be a massively entertaining bubble show put on by her very cool new husband. Apparently, before they ever met, the idea behind her song was also the theme of his show. Undoubtedly, their meeting was synchronicity at it's finest.

The show he put on was really good. I was surprised. The kids loved him. These two have a glow about them that brings on the blessings. That baby of theirs is one lucky kid, for sure.

I received their permission today to create this hub and embed their videos. This guy makes SQUARE BUBBLES. Just goes to show that, truly, "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE."

His website is found at

"Anything is Possible" Bubble Flash Mob Music Video

Another Mix with Clips from His Show


One of the most important things I have realized in my quest for the truth about life is that anything is possible. From making more money to meeting the right partner to finding my way out of terrible situations that seemed inescapable, I learned that indeed, anything is possible.

It's hard not to look back over the many years of negativity with regret and longing when I think of how easy it could have been to change my thought processes. All it would have taken to achieve much greater success much earlier in life was a simple shift in thought patterns from negative to positive, a simple dream coming true out of the previously unknown practice of creative visualization.

With those years behind me now, I can say that I have learned. They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. The teacher tried to appear sooner, He was standing before me many times. I ignored Him and tried to control the outcome of every situation in my life, swimming upstream like the salmon. Well, that did not get me where I wanted to go. I had to let go of the reins and take a very different route.

Now, I realize that operating from a place of love and following my intuition and inner guidance is paramount. I still allow myself to dream, but I don't stay attached to the "how" of it, because sometimes God has a different picture than I do of how things should happen. They fall into place. The flow is much nicer when I let go.


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