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Back from the Dead: The Return of the Mind

Updated on September 25, 2017

The Unfortunate Speech

DiCaprio, Projected


In the Hands of Corporations

What ought to be afforded to the indigenous, tribal Americans is the same thing which ought to be evident to all Americans: freedom. Political expressions including the rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness ought to be considered in the state of existence of these tribal people. It is in the hands of corporations that the lives of indigenous folks ought to place themselves. The recognition of private property ought to be the main focus of the ability for indigenous Americans to carve out their own destinies. Selfish, greedy profit seekers who only wish to turn a coin, ought to be lauded for their efforts in guarding their own interests. Their intentions to transform the untouched lands into suitable residences and business centers would spur the entrepreneurs to imagine greater additions to the human environment. Or not.


If such peoples decide that their own private lands ought to be left alone, it is in their rational judgment to keep the landscape free of intervention. But the alterations to the natural environment should not be viewed as blights against the interests of those who wish to alter the landscape. Such actions would mean the betterment of everyone involved. Contrary to Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama winner Leonardo DiCaprio, it is time to encourage the development of land and to praise the corporations which make these changes possible. Exploitation of raw materials (the earth, mountains, rainforests, oceans, rivers) has forged human progress throughout history. Has Mr. DiCaprio forgotten or never paid attention to the products of man’s mind? Has he disregarded the very institutions which have made him a wealthy man and a symbol of achievement? His failure to pay homage to the capitalists which provide funding to film productions, to the multitudes of moviegoers who trade their hard earned monies to view his pictures and to the industrialists who have advanced man into the excellent environment which is taken for granted has not gone without notice. His uses of vehicles which help the planet allegedly like the Tesla Roadster truly mean that he’s driving around in what Dr. Yaron Brook refers to as coal cars because of all the electricity which is required to produce these automobiles. And he’s adamant in addressing the issues of the planet. With his donations to charities and efforts in ensuring that award ceremonies comply with the sustainability rules directed by former Vice President Al Gore, DiCaprio has confused himself into believing that human actions have scarred the ground, despoiled the forests, and sickened the seas. And as far as the red man goes, he upholds that these tribalists ought to be given special privileges beyond the bounds of the Declaration of Independence.

The Excellent Environment



This preponderance of the indigenous people the world over actually means the denigration of anyone else who aspires to mold the earth into his or her own vision. Given his leftist leanings, DiCaprio represents a man hater of the most vicious sort. Contradictions and evasions of the truth have allowed him to go on these crusades for the “good of nature”, not of humanity, and of course not himself. Imagine the exact opposite of the world in which civilized people live. If the indigenous people had concerned themselves with the calling of nature and not the improvement in living conditions, the world would be a dirty, mucky, smokey, infested place. Any mud huts or other primitive dwellings would supply the needs of those persons looking to live to the ripe old age of about 39. Children would not be educated and never discover the life outside of arduous labor and intense exposure to the elements.

In a scene of the DiCaprio film The Revenant (2015) that should be considered poignant for its illustration of the fact that it has been man’s mind and his capacity to reason that has allowed him to survive, a pack of wolves hunt down and kill a bison. Here a human has no claws or fangs or significant running ability to attack with raw strength and brutality. It is man alone who must employ logic, thinking, and the integration of body and consciousness to sustain himself and his interests. After the pack exits, DiCaprio’s character finds a red man eating the flesh of the slain animal. He shows himself to be no threat to the American Indian and is thrown the bison’s liver. Only rationality and cooperation could bring such actions into play. For his ingenuity and capability, man ought to be revered. If there should be any return from the supposed dead as shown in this film, it should be the return of the human spirit. Mr. DiCaprio ought to realize the real meaning behind that renaissance lies with the projection of the ideal man not has he has been, is sometimes, but as he is our ought to be. So, the potential of man to adapt the planet to fit his needs should embolden the artist, the businesswoman, or the inventor to build upon the discoveries of those from the past. In order to go forward, these things must be in place.

The Motion Picture Which Depicts The Return of a Man Left for Dead

The Light of Reason



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    • Skyler Saunders profile image

      Skyler Saunders 19 months ago from Newark, DE

      Michaela Osiecki,

      What makes you think that I have not done the reading of Dr. Yaron Brook, Don Watkins, and Amanda Maxham's work on promoting and championing capitalism and the human environment? "What has all our capitalist progression really given us" you ask? Well, for starters the very device you use to type out such a question is a result of the mind of some selfish individual who developed the means to communicate with a piece of technology. Think Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Through capitalism and the ability to trade value for value, we have experienced the heights of advancement in medicine, agriculture, creature comforts, information and entertainment which have all contributed to the quality of life of billions of people around the globe. With the institution of private property, oceans would be cleaner and offer an abundance of wildlife for fishing and whaling and enough to let other species alone. Who saved the whales? John D. Rockefeller with kerosene which lit homes at a cheaper and safer rate than whale oil. The rights to the lands where men extract oil and coal and natural gas allow for the earth to be exploited and benefit millions in the process. So, the concerns of over-fishing and over-whaling and the fret of expending all fossil fuels are bunk.

      The Industrial Revolution provided man built factories and companies which would permit anyone willing to work for a decent pay without having to labor in the fields as subsistence farmers. This freed children from having to work from sunrise to sunset in miserable settings. It also laid the groundwork for sewers to contain and control both animal and human wastes that would have just been strewn about and flowed throughout the streets. It is bizarre for you to claim that the murky conditions were brought upon by the advent of capitalism. Prior to 1776, virtually everyone was poor and lead squalid, depressed, and menial existences. With the introduction of elements of freedom, people became accustomed to living happier, longer lives with considerably better surroundings. And would you please produce exact accounts of indigenous people living "healthier lives" and living longer?

      Before you insult someone or suggest that he do more reading, it would probably help if you did at least a modicum of research yourself.


    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      I don't agree with you that human progress must rely on the slaughtering of the natural world. What has all of our capitalist progression really given us - other than global warming, oceans that are literally being over-fished and dying, the worry that fossil fuels will run out, outrageous amounts of smog in many Asian nations, etc. What you're ignoring is that all of these problems actually have direct consequences on our quality of life and the sustaining of humanity.

      You postulate that the world would be a dirty, mucky, smokey, and infested place if indigenous peoples were left to run the world as they saw fit, but frankly, the world didn't become dirty, mucky, smokey, OR infested UNTIL the industrial revolution. Which was conveniently orchestrated by white male capitalists in the name of progress.

      It wasn't until the industrial revolution that life spans once again dropped significantly (second only to the Dark Ages, which was confined to -white- Europe). Most indigenous peoples tended to live healthier lives, be more connected to their spirituality, and actually live longer.

      Do some actual anthropological reading before spouting off nonsense like this.