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Bad Girls Club Season 4

Updated on March 18, 2010

Where should I begin?

What a jaw dropping season this was! There was a lot of kissing, spitting, pushing, shoving, and backstabbing going on. This was one season that kept my eyes glued to the t.v. My mind constantly changed on who I thought was the "Baddest" bad girl in the house. The person who I thought was a "punk" I ended up respecting and the girl I least expected to fight, fought more than most of the rest.

Natalie: Upon the start of the show, I thought hmm she seems like the "baddest" bitch in the house. Then I started to change my mind about that as the season went on. As annoying as her laugh was, it started to grow on me. I did admire the fact that she just didn't give a f&%# about anyone but herself. I think she avoids getting too close to anyone, male or female. She looked out for number one, and on a reality t.v. show, that is your best option!

Portia: Although she left pretty early in the show, I admire the fact that she didn't try to kiss anyone's behind, just to stay on the show! Natalie should have never mentioned her daughter, that was out of line! I would've have done the same thing. I loved the fact that she stood her ground, although I thought sometimes she had a bit too much weave in her head.

Kendra: I think she was the prettiest of them all, but also the easiest. I understand having fun and living it up, but I lost count of how many men she slept with!!! At first I thought she was a punk, and a follower, but then I realized that she pretty much defended people as well. She seems like she just wanted to be everyone's friend. I no longer think of her as a punk, I think she wanted to avoid conflict and have the best time of her life!

Kate: Or should we say "sleepyhead"! She made some distasteful remarks on the show & I think she lost herself on the show. She regained herself at the end! Can she fight? Hecks no, but I never expected her to swing at Amber, so with that she gained my respect. I also thought she should've been awarded "best weave", because hers looked more natural than Natalie's.

Flo: She definitely was not letting anyone walk all over her. Although I did see a moment of weakness when she wrote a letter to all of the girls. It was like some type of mothering instinct that seemed to be brought on by a brief depression. I must admit, throwing the water balloons at her was childish, but funny as hell! I also think she was the "strongest" bad girl, that was one hell of a toss she gave Amber!

Annie: She was really confusing to me! She had enough heart to taint Kate's food, yet she let her get away with hitting her. She can press charges, but Kate will not have to do any jail time.I did find it amusing when Kate poured her drink on her, and she just started dancing. That is psychotic! That it was makes Annie a "bad girl". However, she did piss me off when she was talking about Lexi. Why not say it to her face, that is what this show is all about!

Amber: Wow! I never perceived her as a fighter, but she proved me wrong! She was laid back, yet she stood her ground. I can recall at least four confrontations she was involved in. I loved the way she approached Kate at the end. She was not going to let Kate get away with that cheap shot. Kate fell right into her trap and swung first!

Lexie: I was a little disappointed that she let Annie get away with trying to make a fool of her. Then I thought about it, I feel she was the type that was not going to let a little pettiness destroy her good time. She knew that Annie didn't have the guts to say anything to her face, so why sweat it? I thought she was one of the most "down to earth" bad girls.

This was one crazy season and I enjoyed every minute of it, except for the spitting, that was just gross. I can't wait to watch part 2 of the Bad Girls reunion show!


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      nataley you are a fake bith


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