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Barney & Friends “Sweeter Than Candy: Greece” Episode

Updated on September 11, 2009

“Sweeter Than Candy: Greece” Episode Wrap Up

The “Sweeter Than Candy: Greece” episode of Barney & Friends premiered on PBS on September 11, 2009. This episode begins with the kids getting ready for a school play, Cinderella. They are making props for the play. Barney comes to life and they sing the song about making things.

Baby Bop and BJ then arrive. They help with the preparation of the food. BJ really wants to have one of the pickles and they agree he can have just one, but he ends up eating them all as they are all working on getting ready for the play. They find more pickles and then realize that BJ ate all the pickles in the first jar. They then do a song about putting on a show.

A third jar is found and they discover BJ also ate the second jar. Barney then mentions the masks for the show look a lot like the ones used when they first put on plays in Greece. They then all go to Greece using Barney’s Travel Book and their imaginations. They arrive in Greece and Barney explains that it is almost always sunny and hot in Greece.

Barney introduces them to two of his friends in Greece. The two are preparing for the Junior Olympics. They decide to join them in some warm up exercises, which leads to an exercise song. After the song they talk about competing in an amphitheater and Barney explains what an amphitheater is.

They decide to put on a play about King Midas in the amphitheater they are in. BJ plays King Midas and instead of gold he loves candy. He sings a song about not being able to have enough of candy. Baby Bop plays his daughter Princess Peppermint. His wife is named Lolly and his son is named Rocky. The rest of the family is not interested in candy. The wife likes the garden and the son likes baseball. They miss King Midas because he spends all his time counting his candy.

A magician comes to visit King Midas. She asks for him to share his candy and let her have a sucker. She says she can make it rain candy. They go into the garden and it is raining candy. They sing the song about if all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops. King Midas grabbed all the candy he could carry and takes it to his candy room. He is still greedy and wants more candy. The magician decides to teach the king a lesson by giving him the power to turn everything he touches into candy.

King Midas eventually got tired of counting candy. He goes to touch a flower in his garden and is turned to candy. He picks up Rocky’s baseball and accidentally turns it into candy and begins to feel sorry about it. He thinks the fruit for snack looks good, but he cannot eat it without turning into candy. The rest of his family finally realizes what is going on. He tries to console them with a group hug, but ends up turning them into candy. Barney then sings a song about making mistakes and nobody is perfect.

The magician returns and the King pleads to have his family returned to normal. The magician has learned his lesson and the magician takes away the power to turn everything into candy. She accidentally briefly turns him into a frog. She then gives him a magic can of water to turn everything he turned into candy back to normal. The lesson about learning family is important is also explained before singing a song about family.

It is then time for the kids to return to the Caboose. BJ has learned his lesson about not eating too many pickles from the King Midas story. Baby Bop and BJ leave and then Barney and the kids sing the “I Love You” song. At the end Barney teaches a little about the Olympics, which is kind of odd because that topic is very briefly touched on in the episode.

Overall this episode does teach a good lesson about moderation and a little about exercising with the exercise song. However, it is kind of an all over the place episode with a lot of different aspects with none really gone into much depth on. It basically tried to cover too much with the King Midas lesson and then the Greek culture aspect of the Olympics taught as pretty much an afterthought.


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