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Barry season review

Updated on December 28, 2019

Barry feels like a breath of fresh air. It's written and directed by Bil Haider who also stars as the titular character of the show. Barry works with his agent Fuches who gives him his targets and Barry completes them. At the beginning of the show we see Barry sort of detached from the work he's doing almost as if he's depressed which I suspect he is. Fuches tell him to go to LA and finish a job for a crime family and return back to Cleveland. Sounds simple right? NO. As it turns out his next target is a theatre actor and barry follows him to his place of work. It's the start of what becomes the main conflict of the show. He sees a woman ( Sally) acting out her scene and is blown away by it. At that moment he decides he wants to leave his life of killing behind to become a full time actor.

That is the premise of the show. I won't spoil the show but rather I would talk about how different the show is and how brilliantly it mixes genres constantly to distinguish itself. Barry never wastes a single minute. It constantly utilizes every frame to develop it's characters and that is why every character seems interesting. Each episode is only about 30 minutes long that gives it a very short time to tell it's story while also involve the audience. Yet it does everything brilliantly. It constantly switches between comedy and action while also being dramatic. You see the heart of the story is a man wanting to be an actor. It stays true to that. While Barry constantly has to return to his life of crime from time to time the show always finds a way to come back to acting. It even finds a way for Barry to utilize his violence to express himself better in acting.

Another thing that Barry does is to subvert the expectations. It does so brilliantly. This makes the show so much fun to watch. You never really know what you're going to get. Since it's a story about an assassin it's only natural to wonder is there action? And well yeah. The action sequences are unique and are filmed in a very distinct way. Haider chooses to bring the action to the frame instead of constantly moving the camera. As a result we feel the impact of every little thing that happens. Now incorporate dark humor to an already amazing action sequence and the result? One of the best tv experience in a long time. This is most notably seen in the 5th episode of the second season. Nothing goes according to plan and characters constantly look for new ways to deal with the situation. In this regard the show feels like it was inspired by Breaking Bad which is never a bad thing.

The show is not getting the attention it deserves. I highly recommend the show to anyone who's a fan of good tv. It airs on HBO and has been renewed for a 3rd season.

© 2019 Rohan Sinha


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