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Feng Shui

Updated on March 23, 2017

Feng Shui Basics

Are you wondering what the basics of Feng Shui are? Are you one of the many people who are interested in the ancient art of Feng Shui? If so then knowing more about it is definitely an ideal thing to do. For people who are not yet familiar with what Feng Shui is all about, it is actually a belief that is based in Science. These beliefs usually include creating changes in their surroundings, such as shifting the bed into another place. The reason behind this is because by following what the Feng Shui beliefs are, they will be bringing change that are positive in their own lives.

Some people think that Feng Shui is composed of tips that are complicated to follow, which is why they don't actually pay much attention to it. Fortunately there are basic tips that people can follow for them to be able to attract the good fortune that Feng Shui has. Upon following these basic tips, people will surely start feeling better about themselves.

De-Cluttering Your Surroundings

One of the first things that you need to do to be able to attract Feng Shui energy is to unclutter your surroundings. Cluttered surroundings produce energies that are stagnant, which is definitely terrible especially if you want to achieve something in your life. Some people tend to hold on to things that they no longer use just because of the sentimental value that it has. But if you no longer using it because it is already good as useless, then it is time for you to let go of that thing. Your ultimately goal here is to get rid of things that are only adding clutter to your surroundings. This also applies to the places in your home that are not usually seen, such as drawers and cabinets. If you are not using something inside your cabinets and drawers then throwing them away is definitely an ideal thing to do. You will surely feel good after you have de-cluttered your surroundings.

Home Main Entrance - Feng Shui

The next thing that you should pay attention to is the main entrance of your home. You need to make sure that there are distractions or obstructions along the way, especially if you close and open the door. There are some homes that have an entrance that is dark. It is advisable for them to place a lamp, even a small one to light up the place. If it is too impossible, you may even use a wind chime Feng Shui as it will be used to balance the negativity that the dark spot brings.

Another thing that you should avoid in the area of your entrance would be the mirror. Some people place a mirror at the opposite side of the entrance, which is definitely not ideal because it repels both the negativity and positivity that comes in and out of your home. It would be ideal to have a Buddha that is laughing, to make sure that your main door will attract positivity in your life. Lastly if you notice sharp edges in your home, it would be ideal to cover them up as these are arrows that are poisonous, which can become an obstacle along your way.

Music in the Morning

It is also ideal for you to play some good music during the morning as this creates a sense of calmness and good vibes in your entire home. It is nice to play mantras or music that are soothing as these types of music will create a fresh atmosphere, reducing the stresses that you might face for the entire day. Start playing music early in the morning for you to feel a hundred percent charged the entire day.

Plants for Feng Shui

Choosing the right plants that will give you the fortune and luck in your home would be ideal. There are plants for Feng Shui that requires to be placed in certain spots that will help you achieve the desires that you have in life. Typically a fortune plant or a bamboo plant would be ideal, for you to be able to bring luck to your entire home and its occupants.

Sleeping Position for Feng Shui

If you are sleeping or sitting, you need to make sure that there are no things at the area where your head is currently located. There are some that have staircase, loft, beams and shelves on the top area of their head. This can cause problems and burdens that may arise in the future. It would be ideal to change your usual sleeping position, for you to avoid bearing any weight in your head.

Feng Shui Living Room

The living room in your home is where you receive guests and where you gather for entertainment and communication. It is ideal for you to make sure that the area where your living room is will be ideal for entertainment and communication. A well-lit living room is the key here and of course an uncluttered one as well. So always make sure that your living room is neat and well lit to encourage people and the positive energy to come to you and your home.

Solid Walls for Feng Shui

Another thing that you need to make sure is to have walls that are solid around you, especially to a place where you are working. The reason behind this is because strong walls will avoid you to experience negativity and vulnerability, thus giving you a stable positive outcome. This also applies to the walls in your bedroom because your bed should be placed in a wall that does not have windows or doors in it.

Above are just some of the basic Feng Shui tips that you need to follow to ensure that you are attracting good energy to you and your home. Start de-cluttering your home before rearranging everything, for you to be able to make sure that there are no obstructions in your surroundings when you start rearranging your furniture and such. In this way, you will surely attract the good energy that you and your home desire.


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