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Express emotions-the smiley way!

Updated on September 3, 2012

So imagine how it would be if we could communicate our emotions exactly to others without even seeing them. You may be thousands of miles apart beyond boundaries, oceans or you may be just be two streets apart but you can exactly convey how you feel without having to show your face. Usually when people are apart they communicate through internet via messenger, chats, text messages apart from making calls which is usually quite money consuming. Though in some mail and messenger services smileys are already present in the form of images which you can use by just clicking on now you can also use them by just clicking on the keys available in keyboards and keypads. So now you can exactly convey your emotions with the so called SMILEY in every message, mail you send!

Though there are numerous smileys (and versions of smileys) available, here are a few smileys which conveys our basic emotions.

:) Or :-) smile

:D Or :-D laugh

:’) Or :’-) smiling with happy tears

:( Or :-( sad

:’( Or :’( crying

:* Or :-* kiss

>:)< Or >:-)< hug

>>:)<< Or >>:-)<< tight hug

>:*< Or >:-*< hug with a kiss

>>:*<< Or >>:-*<< tight hug with a kiss

<3 love/heart

</3 broken love/broken heart

:P Or :-P tongue out (used when teasing people)

;) Or ;-) winking

;P Or ;-P tongue out and winking

B) Or B-) cool

:@ Or :| Or :-@ Or :-| angry

\m/ rock on

So why not start using the smileys in making comments for this hub! ;)


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    • suk91 profile image

      suk91 5 years ago from Chennai, India

      hey rajeev! :) ya very well said!

    • Rajeev143143 profile image

      Rajeev N. Verma 5 years ago from Nagpur, India

      Hi Sukanya.. Nice and useful hub.. Smileys are always the best way to convey your feelings, especially when you don't want to use 'words' to do the same...