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Batman - The Dark Knight

Updated on July 18, 2008

Batman - The Dark Knight is the most anticipated movie by the comic fans. In my humble opinion comic movie industry has lost the soul to game like action movies like Spider-Man. Batman movies always had a different plot with the dark atmosphere. (A Tim Burton movie with Jack Nicholson as Joker is enough of good reputation)

Christopher Nolan has done a good job with "Batman Begins". The movie was based on one of the most original series of Batman Comics written by Frank Miller: "Batman Year One". The Batman and Gotham image have returned back to basics after a disaster like "Batman and Robin". Christian Bale is a talented actor and has done a good job as Batman. In Batman - The Dark Knight, we have what was missing in "Batman Begins"; the Bad Man.

When I heard the rumors that new movie will have Joker based on Tim Sale comics, I was excited. Tim Sale Joker is different than the Jack Nicholson character. A joker skinny, cynical, ugly and dirty. The news from movie sets were telling that brand new Joker Heath Ledger was better than Jack Nicholson and his Joker images were like Tim Sale drawings have come out of comics. After the young actors unfortunate death following the end of shooting, his new Joker character has already become a legend.

Recommended Comics

If you aren't familiar with the Batman comics here are some recommended readings while you are waiting for the movie.

Batman Year One

Batman Year One is the story by Frank Miller telling the beginning of Batman story. Batman Begins depends on the Batman Year One so I reccommend reading this one especially before movie.

Batman Haunted Knight

Batman Dark Victory

Batman The Long Halloween

Those three series of comics is new Batman epic created by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. I've already mentioned that the Batman Dark Knight is inspired by the Joker from those series so I strictly reccommend reading those books before going to the movie. Especially Long Halloween is a classic. It consists of the 13 comics which were published from Halloween and ended at next Halloween. You can meet all the rivals of Batman in this story. It is a MUST BE READED book for sure. "I believe in Gotham City.."

Batman Dark Knight Teaser


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    • davbaby profile image

      davbaby 8 years ago from San Antonio

      I must say that I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of follow through on your article. As an article about the upcoming movie and what it is based on, it is very good. I think that if you had gone in and edited it after you saw the movie and given your opinion on it, it would have been even better.

      Also, how did you feel about Batman Forever? Before Dark Knight, it was my favorite. You just can't beat Jim Carry and Tommy Lee Jones! Hilarious! You are a comic book fan though, so were you frustrated by it? Did it drive you a little bonker? :P I know that there have been many movies that have gone over my head because I was never a comic book fan. My mom wanted us to read books. The only comic I got to read was The Flash because my father would get it for me when we'd visit him.

    • t.keeley profile image

      Tim 9 years ago from Seattle, WA

      This movie was great. I'm intrigued that the video attached here had clips from movies that weren't the Dark Knight...but oh well, I loved the movie. Good book recommendations too.

    • reagu profile image

      reagu 9 years ago from Los Angeles

      This movie should be the top movie for the year. It looks pretty good. Too bad about Heath Ledger. I'd like to see some more of his work.

    • MrMarmalade profile image

      MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

      A great comment.

      The Ledger Family had 100's of people at a pulic ceremony today.

      Mr.Ledger made an announcement that next week a ceremony of 10 only people being present at the interning of Heath.