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Batman: The Movie (1966) a Review (Plus a Review of the Show)

Updated on June 8, 2020

Batman: The Movie (1966) is one of the Worst Batman Films Ever Made and the same goes for the proceeding show

Batman was made into a fool during the '60s to the 80's because of this film and the terrible show that followed it, but not a funny scary clown just one that is tragic and pathetic, and can't act either. The '60s Batman was a catastrophe, and was canceled because of poor ratings, and bad writing, yet somehow it is now remembered fondly, which is itself an ironic disaster. This movie and the proceeding show, are the reason why elderly people still think Batman to be a buffoon with a dumb theme song.

This film starts with "Batman" fighting moronic villains and using his shark repellent while being bitten by a fake looking rubber shark, a stupid trope that has cursed Batman to the present day. Then we later see Batman trying to obviate, meaning to get rid of, an enormous cliché looking bomb and it takes him what seems like an eternity. And this movie just tries desperately to get the audience to laugh but it comes off as stupid and unfunny to anyone over five years old.

Anyone who prefers Batman as a clownish camp idiot isn't a true Batman fan, they're just a fraud who has never read a comic book or graphic novel, or even watched Batman the Animated Series. Adam West was a terrible actor and ruined Batman for nearly 30 or more years with his dull and campy performance, a true mockery. Batman was originally meant to be dark and brooding as Batman was originally made to be by Bill Finger with help from Bob Kane, not a campy and stupid fool.

There were some Black and White batman serials in the 40's and 50's before Adam West they at least managed to somewhat capture the tone of batman at least in the opening the shows were awful because of poor writing and a lack of understanding of the character much like Batman 1966. For the most part the old Batman serials were cheesy and dated and didn’t follow the Batman mythos, save for a few exceptions very much like the 60's show which ignored everything about the caped crusader except that he dresses up like a bat. Adam wasn’t as bad as some of the earlier ones which veered even further away from the Batman story but did make him into a fool with no forensic skills or great intellect just a fool that punches people and makes a dumb sound effect.

A History of Batman before and after the Adam West Travesty

Adam West wasn't the first actor to play Batman as everyone online keeps saying he was just the primary first popular one, he was one of the worst Batmen down by Val Kilmer and George Clooney, with Kevin Conroy being the best and all the others trailing far behind him. The "Batman and Robin" (1997) film sucked because it had been stupid and campy and tried to recreate the Adam West era which itself was a failure as previously stated and it ruined Batman for years. does one know who's lighthearted and cheesy? Superman, but no, they made him dark and brooding so he'd be more like Batman, which does not work because Superman isn't Batman his costume is bright his villains are campy, and he has incredible superpowers. They made this movie earlier because they know idiots will go and see it simply because it's Batman in it.

For those that may say they prefer to see Batman be funny and that they loathe normal Batman because they think he's an "emo". Batman isn't emo he witnessed his parents get murdered before of him and devoted his life to fighting crime doesn't sound very emo to me or funny for that matter. But they do not even mention the tragic pasts of Batman or Robin there just two guys who fight crime for no reason. Really the best portrayal of Batman has been in the comics by talented writers such as; Bill Finger (for creating batman and several supporting characters), Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant, Jeph Loeb, and Dennis O'Neal and artists like; Neal Adams, Jim Aparo, and Jim Lee. Frank Miller was great initially but has done so many bad stories that it might be hard to put him on the best Batman writers list the same with Alan Grant.

And this movie and the whole show that followed it, was made to mock Batman because the creator never read any Batman comics and he just wanted to make money because Batman was popular. So, all told honesty, it's a fact, that if you prefer the Adam West Batman over a darker more serious Batman, then you hate the real Batman and aren't a true fan or just misunderstand the character entirely. If one likes the '60s movie and accompanying stupid show with horrible writing and jokes bad acting that was made by idiots who didn't know a thing about batman thus by proxy making you an idiot for liking this movie.

Terrible Characters and Actors

Riddler was a man who wears green spandex or a green suit who can't stop using stupid riddles. But was cool for a short period when he was being based on Frank Gorshin's playing of the character, seriously, he's the only redeeming quality from that piece of s***, Adam West F*** up from the 60's. The Joker wouldn’t shave his mustache and looked like a discount Ronald McDonald, and Catwoman looked like a madame of a night lady house and a was poorly developed and dull character and changed skin color from time to time, paving the way for the terrible Halle Berry Catwoman movie.

Adam West was best known as a mediocre actor with a talent that rivaled the bottom tier of what one can now see on YouTube. Adam West is best known for that piece of s*** Batman series from the 1960’s, that he spent half of his life whining about, saying that it ruined his career. It wasn't until nostalgia morons like Seth McFarlane and Butch Hartman started to hire him to appear as a joke in shows, making fun of his laughable Batman character that he quickly reversed his stance and accepted it because there was money involved.


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