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5 Batman Villains That Jonah Hill Could Possibly Play

Updated on September 24, 2019
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Movie and TV enthusiast, lover of all things Scifi and Fantasy

Jonah Hill's Career

Born December 20, 1983 as Jonah Hill Feldstein his earliest work consisted of roles in I Heart Huckabees, The 40 Year Old Virgin and Grandma's Boy almost always playing comedic roles in his early career, he played roles in Moneyball and The Wolf of Wall Street later on which both got him nominated for an Academy Award for best supporting actor and also cementing his place in Hollywood as more than just comedic relief, showing intensity and dedication to the roles he plays. With him in early talks to play a Batman villain opposite Robert Pattinson as Batman let's talk about some of the characters he could really pull off and make his own.

1. The Penguin

Created in 1941 by Bob Kane,The Penguin or Oswald Cobblepot is one of Batman's oldest foes and between television, movies and comic books there have been quite a few versions of The Penguin but typically he is portrayed as a short and chubby man with a big crooked nose and of course a penguin like personality, this is the character most people are assuming Jonah Hill will play at this point and he would be great as Penguin no doubt but he is in much better shape these days than he was in his early career and isn't as good a match for Penguins body type as most people are thinking he is. Although I'm certain he could be great as Penguin , I personally hope this isn't who he is cast as.

2. The Riddler

Probably the second most popular guess as to who Jonah Hill might be playing is Edward Nigma otherwise known as The Riddler. Created in 1948 he has been around almost as long as The Penguin and in many ways has become a much worse thorn in Batman's side over the years. Jonah Hill could be perfect in this role as it would take a good mix of humor and seriousness to play The Riddler and Jonah Hill not only has experience with both kinds of roles but has a mastery of both

3. Bane

Debuting in January, 1993 Bane is known as the one who "broke the bat" being the first foe to actually defeat Batman and breaking his back to do so. Bane was played Brilliantly by Tom Hardy the last time the character showed up on Screen. Bane is typically very large and it would require Jonah Hill really bulking up to play him but I think he could pull it off no problem and make this character his own.

4. The Ventriloquist

I'm including this one not so much because he is a major Batman villain but because I think Jonah Hill would be ridiculously perfect to play this very complex and confusing character, The Ventriloquist or Arnold Wesker is a villain that controls a puppet named Scarface, often times readers are left wondering if the puppet is just a puppet or if it really has a mind of its own, I feel Jonah Hill would pull off this dynamic perfectly with his acting skills.

5. Two-Face

You can't tell the story of Gotham City and Batman without including lawyer Harvey Dent better known as Two-Face he is one of Batman's most menacing foe's and brilliant adversaries, he has been played by Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart in the past and I feel Jonah Hill would be even better in the role than both of these great actors....Whether it's one of these characters he is cast as or a different one I am sure that Jonah Hill will bring a great performance to the screen.


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