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Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Updated on April 3, 2016

My first impressions

When I first saw Batman vs Superman in the cinema on the day of the release, I was stunned. The visuals in this movie were amazing, I mean did you see doomsday? Although many critics have said that this movie lacks a really enticing plot I personally think that Snyder did a good job at fitting a good backstory to the ol' bats in what little time he had without making it all about him. The story flowed seamlessly with Man of Steel and the opening sequence with bruce Wayne being in the middle of the carnage caused by the battle in metropolis really fuelled Batman's agenda to stop Superman's destructive ways. I think that this movie was a masterpiece in itself and it did a great job of setting up further movies in the DCEU.

Lets talk Wonder Woman

For me, one of the best things about this movie was Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. The way she makes her entrance onto the big screen had me in awe, I mean even the likes of Batman and Superman were gobsmacked at her sheer power. Throughout the movie she comes across as a mysterious character to Bruce wayne completely contradicts who she really is. Though she is only on screen for a short period of time(roughly 7 minutes) Gal Gadot still manages to do the character justice. She is strong,determined and just an extraordinary character. Even when masquerading as her civilian identity she shows herself as superior to the men and even refering to them as little boys at one point. However the Diana we see at Lex Luthors party is an entirely different woman to what we see on the battlefield. She proves herself to be a match for both Batman and Superman once she ditches the dresses and jewellery for a sword and shield and almost singlehandedly takes on the 'big baddy' Doomsday. When she grins during her fight with the beast it shows that she had missed a challenge like this, a warrior strong enough to match her prowess and fighting ability. She understands that there is a time and a place to fight, earlier in the film she could have just forced Lex Luthor to give her back her photo but instead she tries to steal it without raising suspicions. These actions show us that she will only use her incredible powers when necessary and that she is wise after her 5,000 years or so.

Batman Kills?!

Snyder has decided to portray batman as one who kills. This contradicts what many believe is the best feature of Batman, but Dawn Of Justice represents him as a dark and gritty character. In the beginning of the film we are greeted by our beloved Batman branding a man with his bat symbol. This is not the kind of Batman we are used to from the most recent Movies, Christian bale's trilogy. Personally i think that this was a very risky move from the director but in my opinion, it paid off massively. It left Superman to be the one with the conscience and not to kill because the movie would just be really dull if neither of them killed. I loved the fact that Batman was such a dark character because it really followed the pattern of the movie And was not too childish like I think Marvel movies have become. My favourite scene in the entire movie(besides Wonder Woman of course) was the warehouse fight scene. As soon as Batman came crashing through that window I new that Affleck had the potential to be the greatest Batman of all time.

Lex Luthor- did it work?

Although the decision to cast Jesse Eisenberg was and still is widely disputed, what was even more controversial was the fact that they gave him long hair. In the comics Lex is known for being a bald-headed brute who battles it out with Superman in his huge metal suit, not an insane billionaire with greasy hair and a thing for killing Superman. Personally I think that Eisenberg was a great choice and I seriously look forward to seeing him in other movies. Just preferably a bit more like the super villain we know and love. Unless the character is revitalised in the justice league movies perhaps, I do think that it was a waste of his potential. I think that he really could be a great challenge for the justice league when they are just starting out and fighting him could help them prepare for a much greater threat(*cough* Darkseid *cough*). Even though Lex was nothing like we were expecting, I just loved the reveal of his shaven head at the end. I think it just gave me hope that we would soon be seeing this character in all his glory; beating the snot out of Superman.

What did you think of Lex in the movie?

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'Meet your Doomsday!'

Although the main antagonist of the movie was the aforementioned Lex Luthor, the beast that really gave the trip a run for their money was Doomsday. Now of you have seen the movie then you would have noticed that Snyder changed Doomsday's origin story. In the movie he is created by Lex Luthor in the kryptonian ship as opposed to coming from Krypton as he does in the comics. I was actually disappointed to see such a huge villain be killed off by the end of the first movie. I was hoping that a character of such prowess would pull some kind of trick out of his sleeve and escape. At least there is a chance of him coming back like he does countless times in the comics, right? I think that he should return and provide a greater challenge to the justice league because the potential for this character is almost limitless. I mean he shouldn't be the only villain but he should be the muscle that beats up our beloved superheroes for a little while.


Where was the plot?

You were probably asking yourself throughout the entire film why various things were happening and what tied the film together, and well my answer is... Nothing. The plot was practically non-existant.You must know what I mean, the fight between Batman and Superman was highly anticipated since news of the movie first arose but what we saw was two men fighting for all the wrong reasons. The only motivation Batman has for fighting Superman is to stop his destruction when he fights. Superman saved earth and Batman is more bothered about the lives of the few million lost. On the other hand Superman is fighting him to recruit him to save his mother, In the end the thing that brings the two enemies together is.... Their mum's have the same name.(Martha, in case you were wondering) I think that this was a poor idea from the director and a more suitable way of getting them to form a team would be Lex letting Doomsday loose on the city and them both realising that their duty is to save lives not kill each other.

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What was up with that dream?

Now you may remember that in the batcave,our caped crusader was awakened from his slumber by non other than the flash. The flash arrives around the same time that batman has a vision about a future. A dark future ruled by an evil superman with hints to a certain infamous character everywhere you look. This scene left many viewers confused ,including myself, and I would just like to give my opinion on what I think happened. I think that the dream sequence we saw was just a visual representation of the flash's vision and that is why Bruce never brings it up Later in the film.It was just the directors way of showing us what the flash was showing Bruce Wayne. I am in no way saying this is the only explanation to what happened and I would love to hear your theories in the comments. But as of now that is what I am believing just to keep me sane until an official statement is released to finally put us out of our misery.

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About me

I have only just started writing on this site and this is my first hub so far. I do look to write more in the near future. I would just like to take this opportunity to say that any feedback right now would be amazing as I am always looking to improve and if there is anything you would like me to write about I would love to give it a go. Thank you and please any feedback at this point would ,again,be great.


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