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Be Comfortable Alongside Me

Updated on September 30, 2012

Why o why am I separated from you

Why do you try

To avoid me most

Am I that unfaithful or worse

If I had done wrong to you

I do understand

If for past mistakes

There is a reason

But for the colour of my skin

Or the place of my birth

Are these factors to be laughed upon

It hurts me deeply

For you to alienate me so

With a simple question, I enquire

Would you do the same to your loved ones

Would you torment them so

Dear Brother, understand tomorrow the same might happen to you

How would you feel then

When your dear ones are isolated

When they are shunned by one and all

How would you react

How would you cope

I can barely imagine

When you turn a blind eye on racists

You start a chain of events

That ends with you

The coin with the same face

Returns to you

History has taught us so

Where division occurs, Anarchy follows

Nothing good comes out of it

Other than hatred and guilt

It had brought down Nations

And so hard was the fall

It passes as tales

To be told by one and all

Why not make a change right now

For you are most capable of it

Together we can make wonders

Which are yet to be seen or felt

For what we reap, is for the whole humanity

Young minds learn from us

Let us show them light of knowledge and understanding

And not darkness of ignorance

Let them see bonding in humanity

And not divisions in vain

A note before I end this cause

Man is blessed with a superior mind

What he chooses to do with it

Can rewrite humanity as a whole


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