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Beauty, Smart and Mystery

Updated on July 7, 2014


Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler, was born the ninth of November 1913 in Vienna, Austria Her mother was a pianist and her father a banker. Twenty years later Hedwig would start in a Czech film “Ecstasy” the look of passion on her face in a close up, caused her husband to buy up as many copies as possible to keep the public from seeing is beautiful wife. Her husband allegedly the third riches man in Austria sold munitions and entertained both Hitler and Mussolini. There are a number of rumors as to how she left Austria and landed a contract with MGM.

Film and Invention

Hedy’s first film with MGM became a Hollywood sensation, but there is more she and a composer friend of her were working on and invented a technology identified as frequency hopping. If would be more than fifty years before she and the composer would receive reconciliation for the invention. Up to this point we know Hedy is smart, her roles in the movies claim she is the most beautiful and exotic woman in the world. The mystery is where did she go to school between the years 1914 and 1933 plus or minus. She had to study at some school in order to diagrams of this procedure or did she learn it on trips with her munitions dealing husband. This is the mystery.

Movie clip included

What is not a mystery is her performance on screen. The majority of them were sensual and hotter than barbeque at the park on the fourth of July. And for this article the choice is “The Dishonored Woman and the “Strange Lady” These two black and white film shows Hollywood at its very best. Hedy starred in other movies, but the content of these two is spectacular. Prior to giving a capsule view of Hedy Lamarr’s two great movies, it must be said based on her portrayal on screen those who knew her were absolutely correct, Hedy was drop dead jaw dropping gorgeous.

Dishonored Woman


Video clip

This video Starring Hedy Lamarr is fantastic, It will keep the reader on the edge of their seat. If you watch the entire video you can see the gold digging concept was not hers it was the concept of the wealthy gentlemen, pretending it was not

Strange lady


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