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Becoming Instagram Famous

Updated on December 6, 2015

In the marketing industry, social media has become a platform for business, sponsorship, and endless opportunities. Having an active page can become a source of funds and a networking connection to exponential amounts of opportunities. Brands and products connect with popular pages to better the connection towards a particular audience. This idea alone drives people to start accounts in an attempts to gain thousands of followers. Here are a few pointers to help you on your journey to creating a successful instagram account.

Find Your Topic

Instagram is essentially a picture blog and there are hundreds of different accounts. Define your particular market whether that be a brand or product, makeup or beauty, landscape aesthetic, a business or company, or even a personal account. These steps will be geared more towards personal accounts who are looking to expand their social media, and get more attention towards blogs. Most people enhance their personal accounts because they have a Youtube channel as a way to stay connected to their viewers, to gain exposure for model and acting, or to even spread fitness and health goals to thousands of followers

Post Daily

Instagram has a short active feed, meaning people can only see a restricted amount of pictures on their feed. A few hours after you post a picture it will disappear off of your followers feeds. You should aim to hit two posts at least a day. This can be anything from your view of the day or food to even a selfie. This is just to let your followers know what you're doing and where you are. Keeping your followers in the lou really helps to cultivate a steady community wondering what exactly you're up to at any given time of the day.

Keep It Diverse

With any form of blogging, you never want to become repetitive. In every picture that you take, you want it to be another point of view, something that people want to see. Try not to fall into the patterns like taking a thousand pictures of your food, or a million pictures of the sunrise, and even selfies from the same angle. People tend to get bored if they see the same shot daily. You do not have to pretend to be something that you are not, just find different angles and places to keep your content fun and relatable.

Explore The World

When it comes to Instagram, actually being sociable is very integral to having a successful amount of people supporting you. People love to see what you see. Find creative ways to take pictures with your environment and incorporate yourself into the landscape. Do not be afraid to go to a nearby park and take silly photos to upload. Pose in your cute dress or pretend to be a high fashion model on a runaway. Your followers will appreciate your imagination and if you do not like your face in a picture you can always take it down. Overall, taking the time to go out and find amazing places to get the right shot can enhance your blog's aesthetic. It's best to take a friend with you so you can have full body shots or you'll have to put on a timer or only have selfies.

Connect and Be Yourself

With social media, it can become easy to lose yourself, and become superficial. When people put themselves out into the world, they put themselves out there to possibly be criticized. You are under a microscope and people can type horrible words and send them straight to your phone. Finding strength in who you are and what you want to accomplish is very important before you put yourself out there into the world. Also do not be afraid to reach out to other people who are looking to accomplish the same thing you are. Follow people in the same range of followers you have and if they are not too far away, go out and take pictures with them. This is the networking side of social network. Connecting with people is really amazing, you make a new friend, and you combine your community in an interesting way. There is a beauty in having someone who shares the same interest as you do, and you can both inform each other on your experiences.

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