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Behind the Choreography. Lai Rupe's Choreography - Heaven on Earth

Updated on November 4, 2014

"Underneath the Surface Lies the Real Reason We Dance."

Alaina Rupe

Underneath the Surface

Growing up, I have always wanted to be a dancer. Even before I could walk or talk, I remember my grandmother telling me that I would move to the beats of music. So, at the age of two, I was placed into dance classes. Though dancing was always something that I loved, It was never something that I excelled at. I was awkward growing up, and never had the strength or flexibility that other girls had.

Working Hard

My grandmother was always my biggest supporter though. She told me that if I worked hard and stayed determined, I would always have dance in my life. So, I worked hard and always continued to push myself in all areas of dance.

I remember staying late after classes to work on parts I couldn't perfect. I would stretch all night, hoping it would help my flexibility. I would do high kicks with ankle weights on, praying that it would strengthen my legs. Thanks to my perseverance and after-hours work, I have been extrememly blessed with the beauty of dance all throughout my life. I have had the opportunity to professionally dance with BalletWest, LaRae's Dance Unlimited, Studio 1, the University of Utah, and now with Lai Rupe's Choreography.


In Memory of Kathie Lee Dalton, I dance.

In 2010, when my grandmother passed away from Breast Cancer, I knew that dance was something that I needed in my life. She was always the one pushing me to be a professional dancer, and encouraging me to follow my dreams. My grandma Kathie was always the one who told me I was good enough, even when the rest of the world, said I wasn't good enough. She was the one who inspired me to be my all and share my passion for dancing with those around me. When I dance, I feel like a piece of her love, shines through me. Dancing is a way for her to always be with me.

Because of her encouragement, I founded Lai Rupe's Choreography, and have pushed myself farther and farther and now have the honor of saying that I am a professional and international dance choreographer.

"I'm Kissing You" Lyrical Routine Available for Purchase.


Anything is Possible.

Within all of my professional choreography, I like to think that a piece of her shines through from behind the choreography. Every time a dance is create her light is emulated and perfection in a routine is able to be grasped. If you have a passion in life, do whatever it takes to make it come true. With hard work and determination there is nothing you can't do.

"Lover of Light" Beg Contemporary Routine - Available for Purchase

Have any dance questions, concerns, or topics to discuss? Don't hesitate to reach out to Lai Rupe's Choreography. I am here to spread the beauty of dance.

Also, feel free to check out the article, "Dancing To Her Own Tempo," to learn more about choreographer, Lai Rupe, and to help you stay true to who YOU are.

Thanks for your LOVE and Support!

~Alaina (Lai) Rupe



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