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Being an Anti-Hero Worked for Bruce Willis, it Should Work For You

Updated on April 14, 2014

Other things you can do like Bruce Willis

You can drink and smoke like Bruce Willis
You can drink and smoke like Bruce Willis | Source
You will bleed without flinching like Bruce Willis
You will bleed without flinching like Bruce Willis | Source
This is Bruce Willis driving a car
This is Bruce Willis driving a car | Source

It's all Bruce Willis' fault

this "anti-hero" move that began with Willis' hit series of "Die Hard" films.

I pitted Bruce Willis against Clint "Dirty Harry" Eastwood, but in the end, Bruce Willis was just too "anti."

Here are a few examples of things that make Bruce Willis "anti"

  • Unshaven face - not just in one scene, but most of his action films.
  • Squinting eyes that look like a bully about to pounce
  • Constantly puffing one (dangerous) cigarette after the other (or maybe the producer of the movie used a "stunt cigarette.)
  • Always in a fist-fight with good and bad guys.
  • Driving any car in the film in a fast, reckless fashion.
  • Bleeding on key areas of his body to further enforce his "anti" hero image.

I hate it as bas as you do, but it was destined to happen, this drastic change from the clean-cut true heroes of the silver cinema.

Honestly. Can you for only a moment imagine that Roy Rogers and his girlfriend, Dale Evans are seen taking a break in a nearby saloon? Makes you shudder with disgust, right?

What about Roy's dialogue If he had been cast as an "anti-cowboy"?

ROY: (crushing out cigarette on the palm of his right hand) "Hey, bar keep! Throw us another bottle of whiskey! We are X@Ooxx?Xxxx thirsty!"

Tragic to imagine, I would say.

But Roy Rogers and other like him were in a country at that time believed in and promoted a certain amount of morals in their movies and television appearances. I miss it if you want me to be honest.

Those days are sadly, gone into the sunset and the "new" "anti" hero has taken over the action films of Hollywood and making billions.

So obviously, movies changed the stars to fit the moral status of our country. And obviously this "anti" thing has really worked for Bruce Willis and other stars, so why shouldn't it work for you?

I mean, you deserve it. You have crossed your "t's" and dotted your "i's" for too long. Now it is time for you, the "Average Joe," to step-up and take what is rightfully-yours.

Let's imagine that you, the "Average Joe," has just been hired after a long, dry spell without work and let's face it. You cannot live a successful, prosperous lifestyle on unemployment checks.

So after a couple of weeks for the company to get you "broke in" and get your familiarized with the office protocol and other stuff, you start your own "anti-Average Joe Employee," campaign.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Start showing-up later and later each morning. One morning the boss is irate with you and barks, "Decide to come in, Akerman?" You have that squint in your eyes as you smash his face in and head to your desk to work.
  2. As you sit down at your desk, prop your feet (adorned with flip-flops) upon your desk. Then grab a newspaper, read it through and nod-off to sleep.
  3. Your lunch hour is two and a half hours long and sometimes you just go home without telling anyone and thanks to how you handled your irate boss, they won't bother you.
  4. Bring your girlfriend to work and make-out for most of the day.
  5. Your boss threatens to send you to the company C.E.O. You say, "That's fine, boss. We will go see him now." Your boss trembles with fear as you grab him by the hand, take the long elevator up to the Management Floor. You stroll into the C.E.O.'s plush office and without going through his executive assistant, you say to the C.E.O., "Uh, sir. Excuse me, but this man who is masquerading as my boss says he wants to talk to you about me. So do you have time to listen to him?" The C.E.O., stunned, replies, "I like your guts, son. From this day on, you are the new manager of your division." Your boss is demoted to an errand boy.
  6. Gamble on company time and in your new, high-paying job, you can afford it.
  7. Spend company petty cash on your lunch instead of your own cash. You have to get tough with some upset "goody two-shoes" employees, and they resign.
  8. Sometimes just for fun, you approve any and all requisitions for new computers, copiers, company cars, raises, and other costly requests sending the company into the red, but the C.E.O. is afraid that you will lose your temper and beat him up, so he keeps his mouth shut.
  9. You pass a dress code ordinance to make everyone wear sloppy, unacceptable beach wear to work.
  10. You take turns making each employee treat you and your girlfriend to dinner at the employee's expense at the costliest restaurant in town. And you never reimburse them for the $1,200-dollar meal.
  11. You make the parking garage into a casino with shady characters going in and out of the building at all hours.
  12. The work is still piling up on your desk although you are the boss, but you aren't worried because you make a lowly-assistant or two do all of your work for you.
  13. You cancel every vacation for employees while you take a three-week cruise at company expense.
  14. Your organize a "Fight Club" on company property during working hours and force employees to make bets on fighters.

These are just 14 ways that the new, "anti" "Average Joe," campaign you started months ago is working for you.

So what makes it work?

The "anti" "Average Joe" campaign . . .

  • Creates respect from employees for you. You are an idol to them.
  • Tells the world that you are not going to be pushed around.
  • Gains new clients for you. They like your "no-nonsense" approach to business unlike your former bosses.
  • Makes other weaker employees start to act like you, tough, mean, and able to handle themselves.
  • Makes you a household word.
  • The Secretary of Labor calls you, the "New Breed of C.E.O.'s," a man of action. Not petty words.
  • The President tries to get you to take a cabinet position, but you say that this move would be a "step-down in power."

I have one more question: Are you ready to start building the New You?

Would you like to be an "anti" hero?

See results

You will not be pushed-around any longer



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