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Believe. Believe in What?

Updated on May 30, 2012

Celtic Woman's New CD "Believe"

Anyone who pays attention to this "cross-over" type music will already know that the group "Celtic Woman" has recently released a new CD titled "Believe." I'm unable to not make a few comments.

Celtic Woman is my favorite group (although I'm not sure what that actually means when we've adjusted to so many permutations). If you are one of the reviewers who think this is the best that the group can deliver, well, enjoy and pay no attention to the derogatory remarks that I'll be making. My impression is: This is the weakest effort by the group put forth so far. The CD contains nothing tremendously original or break-away from their standard fair. Listening to the album, my eyes kind of swell -- for the core CW gals and Lisa Lambe (the latest contractor for this year's money tour). The best piece of the CD/DVD is Lisa Lambe's rendition of "Black is the Colour." It doesn't take an expert to discern that Lisa Lambe was a highly talented professional before joining CW. She is naturally sultry and comfortable on stage. Given that she is expected to "make up" for the loss of two other CW temps, they couldn't have made a wiser choice.

I don't forget things easily, and I cannot bring myself to sing "Danny Boy" over the rose-covered graves of Meave, Orla, Lisa, Haley, and Alex. And I still do not buy the PR BS about the "departing" girls wanting to do "other things" or spending more of their time with family. Haley Westenra herself has produced two or three CDs since she was put out to pasture. Clearly, she didn't take her pink slip as a crushing blow. And I'm sure Lisa Lambe can see the writing on the wall -- if not now, a bit later.

Celtic Woman's next CD (the one that "Believe" should have been will never be), if it had retained Lisa and Alex, the CD could have been monumental, but why hope for things that will never be?

I still think the ex-Celtic Woman members should form their own outfit and give CW a run for their money.

"Believe" could be a throw-away if not for the shrewed thinking of the producers who put Lisa Lambe up front and center. This takes a lot of pressure off the existing core CW ladies(whom we always love to watch but without the introduction of new talent, everything gets a bit stale). "Believe" is divergent from the other works, but I don't mind that in itself. What I do miss is that unique mixture of Celtic themes with a tightly knit intermingling of orchestration, chorus and mind-pulsing Irish percussion. The next mash up should be more interesting as Lisa Kelly will be on another maternity leave -- forcing the induction of some other beautiful Irish voice.

Anyway, in conclusion, "Believe" is barely recognizable as a CW production, but it has some good bits (and some overwrought and stale areas as well).

Lisa Lambe Singing Black is the Colour


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