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Believe in Ghosts?

Updated on October 22, 2014

Shadow Ghost!

Have you seen Ghost Adventures?

Wow, I've always believed that ghosts exist even though I have never had any experience with any whatsoever. Except for one time when I heard a door in my hallway open and footsteps walk over to my room but when I got up to see who was there, there was no one. That story is true but still kind of lame i know, but I know some people personally who have had pretty weird experiences. None of them compare however to the stuff I'm seeing on that show Ghost Adventures. Now I'm a fan of the OG Ghost Hunters show, and I think it adds to there credibility that they don't catch stuff on every show, but some of the stuff they have caught is pretty crazy. Like the full body apparitions on the thermal camera. Or the shadows of people walking across the screen, or the flashlight turning on and off when asked to!! Now thats just the beginning of the stuff they've caught on Ghost Hunters, but this show Ghost Adventures steps it up a notch. These guys go to places that are definitely haunted, I'm talking death row cells, insane asylums stuff like that. And its not enough for them to be spending the night there, they feel the need to piss off the spirits to get a reaction. So they're talking junk, saying things that would piss you off if you were dead!, And sure enough, guys have gotten punched, grabbed and even a brick thrown across the room. That was great and actually had the guys running and screaming. They seem to have grown bigger balls since then because they talk more crap in scary places, but I want to see them go back to the hotel where the brick got thrown and all that banging was being heard.

Brick getting tossed by Ghost Episode- Watch in HD!


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Crazy Huh?

That was by far the most haunted place they have been to and I want them to go back there now that they seem to be less and less scared. So if your a guy on the show and your reading this.. go back to the hotel!! If you did already and I missed that episode someone leave a link or something in the comments! In fact, next time you guys go there I want to go with you! I'll dance like Michael Jackson in that room where the brick got thrown. Not because I'm not scared, it would be just for the cameras because if I get hit by a brick while moon walking, that would be classic! I wonder if going to all those haunted places has rubbed off on them. I wonder if they have interesting dreams and wake up with spirits that have followed them in the room. On second thought, I'd rather not think about that.


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    • Tom Cornett profile image

      Tom Cornett 8 years ago from Ohio

      Ghost hunters is cool.....good hub! :)