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Best 90's crossover hard rock albums you might have missed

Updated on August 26, 2017

One Minute Silence - Available in All Colors

My recommended track: Stuck between a rock and a white face

One Minute Silence is a four-piece rap/metal/nu-metal band based in London. The band consists of vocalist Brian 'Yap' Barry from Templemore, Co. Tipperary, guitarist Massimo Fiocco from London, drummer Martin Davies and bassist Glen Diani. The band announced its split after eight years in a press release dated 21 October 2003. The band officially reconvened without original drummer Eddie Stratton in 2011. Although the band members claimed not to be a "political band" — they are simply "political people" who are also musicians, they say — the group's lyrics have a political message which can be interpreted as generally anti-capitalist and anarchist.

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Sona Fariq - Self-titled

My recommended track: Killa B

SONA FARIQ formed in East London in 1994, the collective embodiment of four close musical friends. They released their first record, a 7", DR JOHN b/w SO PERFECT on the BLUEDOG indie label in 1996 and soon negotiated a publishing deal with BMG PUBLISHING in 1997 - the money funded equipment and the release of a 12" single, DO NOT RETURN, on Sona Fariq's own label in 1998.
In 1999 - after much touring up and down the country in dilapidated vans - a major label frenzy ensued and the band eventually agreed to sign to WEA records.
One album eponymously titled "SONA FARIQ", produced and mixed by engineering genius and deadly black-belt, CHRIS SHELDON (Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, Foo Fighters, to name just a few), and mastered in New York by the unequalled HOWIE WEINBERG, was released on WEA in 2000 to mass critical acclaim. The band were nominated the same year as "BEST NEW BRITISH BAND" at the KERRANG! Awards.
Rigorous touring throughout the UK and the European continent, further consolidated Sona's second-to-none live reputation, and quickly gave rise to a growing cult following. At a Sona Fariq gig you would expect to see a cross-section of society with a broad range of tastes that was unusual for this genre.
Though influenced by such luminaries as The Stooges, Bad Brains, Sly and Robbie, Funkadelic, Sonic Youth, Sly and the Family Stone, Dr John, Public Enemy, Asian and North African folk music, old-school hip-hop, sheer unbridled spirit, and more...Sona Fariq were recognised as having an unreplicable sound of their own.
The album itself was to become a treasured slice of rock history to those in the know.
In the summer of 2001, with the new economic downturn, Warners UK shook itself up, dropping every act on its roster...Sona Fariq failed to find another label, and the band sadly split in 2003 while in the process of recording their self-financed second album, which was never completed...

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Prong - Prove Yoy Wrong

My recommended track: Prove you wrong

Prong is an American crossover thrash band formed in 1986 by vocalist and guitarist Tommy Victor, the band's sole constant member. To date, they have released twelve studio albums (including a covers album), one live album, four EPs, one DVD and one remix album. Their first two albums on Epic — Beg To Differ (1990) and Prove You Wrong (1991) — were released to critical acclaim and garnered attention on MTV's Headbangers Ball.

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Clawfinger - Deaf Dumb Blind

My recommended track: Nigger

The musical content is mainly metal/hard rock modernized with a few electronic elements. The vocal approach is an aggressive flux of words sung in a rap style. The album has ten standard tracks; three bonus tracks were added to the re-release in 2004. Clawfinger also released four singles (detailed below) and three videos ("Nigger", "The Truth" and "Warfair").

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Body Count - Self-titled

My recommended track: Body Count

Body Count is the eponymous debut album of American Heavy Metal band Body Count. Released on March 31, 1992, the album's material focuses on various social and political issues ranging from police brutality to drug abuse. The album presents a turning point in the career of Ice-T, who co-wrote the album's songs with lead guitarist Ernie C and performed as the band's lead singer. Previously known only as a rapper, Ice-T's work with the band helped establish a crossover audience with rock music fans. The album produced one single, "There goes the neighborhood"

Body Count is well known for the inclusion of the controversial song "Cop Killer", which was the subject of much criticism from various political figures, although many defended the song on the basis of the group's right to freedom of speech. Ice-T eventually chose to remove the song from the album, although it continues to be performed live.

There's the saga of "Evil Dick," where Ice-T's dick tells him not to "sleep alone." There's "KKK Bitch," where he crashes a Ku Klux Klan meeting and screws the grand dragon's daughter. There's "Voodoo," where a witch doctor cripples our hero with a voodoo doll. There's "Mama's Gotta Die Tonight," where Ice-T offs his mother cause she's a racist. The Topics may can by hilarious, but I do not think this takes away from the cool jams.

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