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Best Apps for Android TV Box

Updated on May 19, 2013

Google TV, also known as Dual Core Android TV box, is a receiver that turns your tv into online media center where you can watch YouTube and Internet TV, browse the web, view photos, play games, listen to music, read your favourite e-books and many other. Android TV Box, which is powered by Android 4.0.3, comes with ARM Cortex A9 processor, a full sized SD card slot, USB external drive and HDMI port. Android TV box supports Ethernet, wireless and Bluetooth connections.

Here are some of the best Android Apps for your Android TV

  • FilmOn

FilmOn enables you to watch over 500 channels worldwide for free. FilmOn offers huge channel list of most popular US, British, French, Italian, German and Arabic channels. If you sign up for FilmOn you will get 10 GB free storage space to record your favourite programs. For extra storage you will be asked to pay a monthly fee.

  • YouTube

Another great app to add rich video content to your TV. With YouTube you can enjoy watching your favourite YouTube videos directly on your TV. With this app you can search, upload and share videos.

  • DMovies

With this app you can watch and download hundreds of US movies for free. But movies won't open without "Hubi" app which you can easily download from the Google Play store. Most of the movies are new and in full HD so the app is really worth installing.

  • Facebook

Having Facebook app on your TV enables you to read your notifications and news feed live while watching TV and without interrupting the program you were watching. Notifications pop up in the right bottom of the screen in a form of small massages. If you decided to read the full content, click on the massage and it will take you to your Facebook app were you can interact with your friends, upload photos and videos, update your status and many more.

  • Streamie

Streamie is a great app that allows you to directly stream and You will get a huge list of live streaming channels from all categories. Unfortunately, blocked it's search option, but you can still put all your favourite channels in the favourites category for quick access.

  • Candy Crush Saga

This addictive game is my favourite. If you are impatiently waiting for a football match or other live events, Candy Crush Saga will make time pass faster. Swipe and align three candies of the same colour vertically or horizontally to make them burst allowing the above candies to fall down to achieve level's objects. You must complete each level with limited number of moves.

  • Flipboard Magazine

This is my favourite morning app. Flipboard brings you all kind of news from all over the globe. When you start the app, you will be asked to select your interests and build up your own flipboard. Once you are there, you can enjoy browsing hundreds of regularly updated news. This app also enables you to view your Twitter and Facebook news feeds.

  • PC Radio

Get ready for hundreds of internet radio stations from all over the world. Most popular radio stations from US, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, China and many other countries. If you are busy doing something in you living room and don't have time to watch TV, you can always listen to your favourite radio stations.

  • Skype

Thanks to Android TV Box you can make free video calls on your TV instead of tablet or PC. If your device didn't come with built-in camera and microphone, order them now. Camera and microphone are connect to your device via USB port. In order to make a video call, you and your friends must have active Skype accounts. If you don't, sign up now. It's all free.

  • UC-Browser

For fast web browsing experience, I recommend this app. With WAP2.0 support, UC browser can display more graphical elements than other browsers. I really like their home screen shortcut feature where users can add frequently visited site and easy access them with one click.

I hope you will find the above top ten apps enjoyable. If you have more apps to share please leave a comment.

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