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Benefits of Photography and Video Production in Marketing

Updated on June 3, 2014

Professional Photography and Video Production


Photography and video production still remain powerful campaign tools both for small and large companies. Any company looking for long-term market visibility will find photography and video production to have a huge commanding lead in developing business presence.

One prime advantage of using photography and video production in business marketing is the flexibility to choose from affordable budgets which, when utilized effectively, can still yield the expected marketing results without sacrificing much on company resources.

With TV viewership at an all-time high, an effective 30 second commercial has the ability to offer huge returns on investment for the targeted audience. In today’s world of increasingly media-savvy business, photos and video have dramatic effect in marketing, regardless of whether they are used in brick and mortar businesses of pure click enterprises.

Photography and Video Production
Photography and Video Production | Source

Whether your campaign tool of choice is photography production, video production or both, you would want to work with a company that values customer satisfaction and which is focused on measurable results. After all, photography and video are two widely used tools in marketing without which business marketing would be incomplete.

Professional photography and video production services such as those offered by America's Production Company have the ability to drive business visibility leading to increased sales and company presence. Marketing your products and services needn’t be budget choking, a well-planned visual media marketing campaign can still reach new audiences if utilized effectively.

Photography and Video Production
Photography and Video Production | Source

A recent survey on use of visual media in marketing showed that websites that incorporates video as a marketing tool have twice the chance of engaging and wining their audiences.

Even though professional visual media services could be pricey, experienced photography and video production companies such as America's Production Company are more than willing to help startups and small business in their marketing campaigns.

Visual media marketing campaigns have been used by businesses and on websites to drive traffic, create consistent brand loyalty and to increase sales through leads and conversions. Visual media draws more attention on mobile and desktop screens. Many people remember more from photos and video as compared to other forms of marketing such as written text.

Photography and video production has been used on websites to explain products, express user testimonials and success stories, demonstrations, provide products’ 360-degree views and even used in social media strategies. Videos in particular can quickly convey more essential details about a product therefore providing additional opportunities for sales.

Award winning Professional Photographers and Videographers

Award winning Professional Photographers and Videographers
Award winning Professional Photographers and Videographers | Source

A business that uses engaging videos on their site is likely to encourage users to spend more time on the site which can increase the site authority on search engines. Video marketing professional at America's Production Company reported that shoppers who view product videos are likely to make a purchase since they become more confident in their purchase decisions.

Whether your business is a startup, a small business or a corporate venture, using photography and video production services can enrich your marketing strategies by creating more brand visibility. If your business is based in Florida, USA, start by creating connections with your clients through visual storytelling and media rich campaigns under America's Production Company.


The Bonus Tip: Even though the current business budget cannot accommodate custom videos and photography such as those offered by America's Production Company, steer clear of overused or clichéd images and videos because they will only harm your business reputation.

You’ve got the blink of an eye to convince web users that your site, products and services are worthy a second look and you can get it right the first time by creating a visually appealing environment through professional photos and videos.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I like photography! An informative and well approached hub.

    • dwachira profile image

      [ Danson Wachira ] 3 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Hi Penny15,

      Photography and video production are vital tools in business marketing. Almost all companies target visual campaigns. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • profile image

      Penny15 3 years ago

      You have provided here great information on those interested in photography and video production. It is a useful and resourceful hub that can be valuable to many in business. Useful article Dwachira!