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Best Disney Sidekicks!!

Updated on May 20, 2010

Who is the best Disney Sidekick???

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Cheshire Cat & Mad Hatter

 The Cheshire is a mysterious cat. He is fond of pranks and tricks, and has the ability to disappear and reappear at will, usually appearing at critical moments and disappearing at inconvenient moments. With his strange dialogue and dreamy grin he befriends Alice when she shows up in Wonderland.

The Mad Hatter is a crazy, wacky hatter who meets Alice when she shows up in Wonderland. He loves having tea parties with his best friend, the March Hare, and the Dormouse and seems to be able to always gt himself out of trouble with his wild and crazy antics.

Jiminy Cricket

This friendly, curious, and personal conscience worthy cricket hopped into our lives in the wonderful classic Pinocchio. Now Jiminy Cricket may be small but he can turn an umbrella into and parachute and looks great in a top hat and spats. He also can belt out a pretty ear catching whistle. Its no wonder the Blue Fairy chose him or Pinocchios conscience. If only all our consciences were so helpful and apparent to us. Always a great little cricket to have around and an even more entertaining sidekick.

Sebastian & Flounder

 Sebastian is a composer and King Tritons right hand man who found himself assigned as the guardian of the rebellious mer-princess Ariel. Sebastian is a tightly wound crab who was in desperate need of Ariels carefree lighthearted attitude. Best known for his hit musical number "Under the Sea" Sebastian proves to be a great friend and confidant to Ariel in the end.

Flounder is Ariels eager and loyal best friend, who even though is scared and anxiety ridden of all of the crazy adventures Ariel drags him on is still always by her side. When all is said and done he proves to be a loyal best friend and a heroic adventurer.

Timon, Pumbaa, & Zazu

Timon i a fast talking Meerkat and the brains of this dynamic duo. Never in his element digging and guarding holes with his fellow meerkats he set off to find adventure and ended up finding Pumbaa and creating their feel good philosophy on life, Hakuna Matata , it means no worries!

Pumbaa is a very smelly but very kind warthog always willing to help out a friend. Pumbaa uncomplainingly shoulders the burden of Timons often selfish quests, since the most important thing to him is loyalty to his friends. He loves feeling useful and wanted.

Zazu is a prim and proper hornbill known for his good advice and strong sense of personal dignity. He is the chief officer to the King of the Pride Lands. As well as being proper and dignified Zazu is also known to be nervous and easily-rattled.

Jaq & Gus Gus

 Octavius Lollygagger and Jackson Checkers are two mice who serve as friends to Cinderella. 

Jaq seems to be the leader of the mice, planning strategies to avoid the cat, sneak food, and help Cinderella with her ball gown. The other mice gladly follow his lead. Jaq is thin, with scruffy hair, and speaks a fast kind of pidgin English.

GusGus on the other hand is chubby, tubby, lovable, and a bit slow- both on his feet and with his wits but he also shows great courage and strength when confronted with real danger.

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell is the jealous pixie who glows brightest for Peter Pan. Her voice sings like a tinkling bell and a sprinkle of her pixie dust can make you fly. But this sprite can turn spiteful if she suspects that Peter's attentions are diverted to anyone but herself.

Tink would lay down her life for Peter, but he's too busy playing Wendy's hero to care. Somehow she'll find a way to settle the score, even if it takes eliminating the competition.

Thumper & Flower

Thumper is known and named for his habit of thumping his left hind foot. He is a vigorous boy bunny who finds excitement in every discovery of the world around him.

An elegent skunk whose bashful nature is belied by his natural scent. No matter his fragrance he is always a flower since he always hides and plays inside bed of them.


 Mushu  is a dragon, and a guardian spirit.When Mulan goes off to enlist in the army to save her village from the Huns, the spirits of her ancestors decide to send a guardian in order to look after her and keep her away from trouble. Mushu has a sharp tongue and is very witty and even though always having the best intentions he seems to get himself into trouble a lot of the time.

Pegasus from Hercules

Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs.Potts from Beauty and the Beast

Timothy Q Mouse from DUMBO

Terk from Tarzan

Abu from Alladin

Meeko & Flit from Pocahontas


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    • profile image

      chezza xx 7 years ago

      love disney movies, but def gotta be tink.

    • Shadesbreath profile image

      Shadesbreath 7 years ago from California

      Jimminy Cricket all the way, in that poll. I wish my conscience had a voice that could nag at me when I was ignoring the silent version in my head. Think how much less trouble we'd get into if we had a cricket in a top hat jumping around, saying, "Dude, WTF? Are you stupid? Don't do it!" before we made a bad decision. Although, Pagasus would be nice to have, so I might have voted him if he was up there.

    • BrennaR profile image

      BrennaR 7 years ago

      very cute hub, makes me want to go watch Disney movies