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Best Film Schools In Europe

Updated on June 14, 2011

When we're kids our dreams seem closer than they seem. It's kind of like looking through the mirror on the side of your car. Objects seem closer than they really are, but when you're there, looking at, it seems real, it seems tangible. When you're young, your dreams are like looking through that mirror: closer, tangible, maybe even something you can touch. As you get older, as your knowledge grows, as your naiveity diminsihes, as your perspective changes, you suddenly look through that mirror and know it's a farce, a liar - that your dream seems closer than what it really is, and it has been this way your entire life.

Alright - I'm glad I got that out of my system. A bit depressing; a little cynical? Sorry. We'll move on. This article isn't really about your dreams, and whether or not they are attainable - okay, that's another lie, it is a little. It's more specific than that, though. This is about one dream, one that some of us have, and one that isn't as impossible (or i should say improbable) as flying to the moon.

I'm talking about making movies. I'm talking about creating art. I'm talking about going to film school and becoming a director. As kids we watch movies and wonder in awe in how it's done, how the magic is created so wonderfully. Right?

The answer is real life isn't as magical as the movie itself - but that's a good thing. You can learn how to become a filmmaker by taking film making courses, by attending the best film schools in Europe and in the world. Top 10 film schools in the world? The majority of them in Europe. Best film school in the UK = one of the best film schools in Europe.

So, as you see, some dreams don't need a mirror to create any false illusions.


France - La Femis

La Femis is France's most prestigious film school. The entrance exam is one of the hardest film school exams in the world, with only 3% of entrants who take the exam actually getting into the school.

La Femis is a public institute that runs under the French Ministry of Culture and communication; what this means is, if you are able to pass the entrance exam, you'll receive free tuition (for all French students only). This deal has made the school almost have an entirely French population with the majority of the studies being extremely influenced by French filmmaker.

As one of the best film schools in Europe, and the world, La Femis gives you a well-rounded film education, ranging from the business aspects of films, to the balance between story and art, to many other technical aspects. Every year over 500 professorial filmmakers come to the school to teach, give lectures, and overall give insights; it makes a great atmosphere for learning and growing.


Germany - Baden Wurtemberg Film Academy

Not surprisingly the differences between La Femis in France and the film school Bade-Wurtemberg in Germany, are great. While La Femis focuses on the technical aspects of film, as well as the artistry, the best film school in Germany focuses on hands-on experience. This means that, yes, you'll be making a lot of movies.

An example of how good this film school is and why it's one of the best in Europe:

In 1996 when Roland Emmerich was filming 'Independence Day' he went to the film academy in Germany and recruited 12 student; they created the visual effects of humanity being wiped out, which, in turn, got them an Oscar. Talk about the fast-track to success.


England - National Film and Television School

England has dozens of great film schools to choose from, but only one is good enough to make the list of best film schools in Europe. What film school is that? The National Film and Television School.


  • You'll work with actual industry technology, making movies that are ready for the world today.
  • Unique courses that offer a blend of hands-on and history.
  • No degree required: talent and ambition is all you need.
  • Price? Very affordable.

Example of Thesis Project

National Film School of Denmark

Many film academies are like graduate programs, lasting one or two intense years of learning and working. At the National Film school of Denmark, one of the best movie academies is the world, they take a different, unique approach.

Instead of two years, you'll be entering a four year long program. This means that you're time is more spread out, less intense; it's a more laid-back approach that doesn't burn you out.

It includes a lot of interaction with industry professionals and includes a final thesis that is prepared for national broadcast. In the end the rate of graduates who instantly begin working in the film industry is very high.


Czech Republic - Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts

Besides having one of the longest names for a film academy, this film school in the Czech Republic is one of the best. It's one of the most establish film schools in all of Europe, as well as one of the oldest.

Although the many language taught at this school is in Czech, many courses are taught in English, making it a great Film school for international students.

There is even an English specific program that integrates both European and Western approaches into one mold.



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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      What do you guys think about the Filmakademie Wien?

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      where is National Polish Film school in Lodz ( ?? It is the best in Europe and one of the best in the whole world when you look at the alumnis! Roman POLANSKI (oscar, bafta, golden globe, palme d'or), Krzysztof KIESLOWSKI (oscar nominated, silver bear), Andrzej WAJDA (Oscar, Palme D'or)? Also cinematographers: Dariusz Wolski (made Pirates from Caraibean, Alice in Wonderland, Prometheus), Sławomir Idziak (Oscar nominated, Black Hawk Down, Harry Potter), Paweł Edelman (Oscar nominated).....

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      what do you think about PWSFTViT in Poland? It's home of Kie?lowski, Andrzej Wajda, Roman Polanski, Wolski, Idziak, Edelman, hmn?


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