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Best Gaming Youtubers to Watch

Updated on February 27, 2018

Many people in this generation tend to spend a lot of time watching people play videogames with their friends. Now, as confusing as this may be to some, this activity is mainly because we love to see people feel and experience a game, hear some funny commentary and get to see some game-play before buying the actual game. Basically we have fallen in love with many gamers as they have created this genre of fun times and epic montages for us to enjoy.

So, for today I have decided to share my favorite gaming youtubers. They are not ranked in any specific order since they all bring something new and unique to the genre and generally make me laugh out of control and enjoy new content every day. Without any more explanation, here they are.


Let's start with the obvious; Pewds is by far the king of YouTube right now. Putting up videos of many diverse genres but having his beginnings in horror and first person shooters, this Swedish man rose to fame quickly with his hilarious facial expressions, explicit cursing in different languages and many hours of editing put into every single one of his videos. Since he started gaining attention and money through YouTube he has created many charities and donated a lot of his money away for important causes. He has also played a lot with fans, met them in person and goes off to party with them and other youtubers at conventions. He is genuinely a great guy and has made of the gaming community a better and funnier place.

Chaotic Monkey (Cry):

The king of the contagious laugh, Cry is a gamer that does more full, detailed walkthroughs and live-streams. If there is something that really makes him stand out though is his super contagious and extreme fits of laughter. Oh and his collaborations with other players is also pretty amazing. I should also mention he has an amazing voice and everyone wants to see what his face looks like. Yeah, he's a total mystery when it comes to physical appearance but other than that all his subscribers really feel like they know him because he is so open and connected when he's playing online or making a video. Man now I really want to see his face too!


Another amazing and lovable human being, Ken mainly does collaborations with Pewds, does video blogs, and maintains a great, big beard. Seriously that thing is majestic. But on to the other aspects that define him, Ken plays a huge variety of game genres and is downright hilarious. Some jokes may actually slip by unnoticed by the audience since they are so witty. Yet he has become a great part of the gaming community and has taken many steps with Pewds and others in creating a better world and making a lot of people smile.


This man right here has some serious editing skills, a crew to die for and uploads great content every three days or so. The jokes, the downright fits of laughter amongst him and his friends and the great variety of games really reminds me of how much fun it is to play with friends and how many cool games and game modes I have yet to try out.


I absolutely love this guy's accent and his googly eyes on his Oculus. Spending most of his time playing with other people or uploading videos on select game series, he also does best bits of his freakouts and has become a greatly quotable guy whenever I am playing GTA with friends. I just wish someone would make some good ringtones of him screaming ticky bomb already.


Known as the gamer with the golden face and pink mustache, Markiplier is somewhat similar to Pewds and Ken. He does many quick skits, animations and long hours of game play from select genres, mainly comedy and horror. I love how his thanks are always so heartfelt and he doesn't fear showing how he feels on the internet, showing the whole spectrum of his emotions and creativity with no restraint. A quick video of him screaming an incomprehensible babble while play Five Night's at Freddy's always makes my day better.


One of my newer additions to the list, it really baffles me this guy and his crew don't have that many subscribers yet. They are all genuinely hilarious bringing different accents, jokes and interesting stories, always maintaining a healthy and unique vibe among all the players. I just hope they all get some more recognition. Even though the video upload is slow, the editing is pretty amazing and the wait is well worth it.


The king of walkthroughs, this guy will give you a blow by blow of the newest games and every aspect of the story and what you have to do to finish it. Why would I want to watch a guy play the whole game like that? Because even in this day and age, I get lost sometimes and would rather hear someone explain what I have to say rather than read an explanation and this guy is funny while explaining so double win.

Smosh games:

Another segment of the famous Smosh channel, this is basically the crew playing videogames and trying different challenges and what not, usually having a great time. There really is no way to explain it, they just have a lot of fun and their exchange is great to watch.


Although the videos are short and the selection of games may feel small at times, Seananners and his crew is always filled with laughs, impersonations and amazing cooperation in game modes. The animations uploaded are also pretty hilarious and I am always waiting for another upload every day.

These gamers have changed the YouTube community and the world with their help in charities, their constant uploads that make people happy and how much they have wanted to revolutionize the gaming genre. I can't wait to see what more from these guys the future holds or what other potential there is to find now.

Article by: Steven Gutiérrez


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    • Gibape profile image

      Milady González 2 years ago

      I had not heard from Gassy Mexican but have watched some of Minx's material, loving it so far. I spoke about Seananners though

      Thank you for your comment Michaela Osiecki!

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      I think you should definitely check out Minx, Gassy Mexican, and Seananners as well!