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Best Harem Anime Series Recommendations

Updated on June 16, 2015

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Top 9 Best Harem Anime

Hello everyone, today I am going to present you some good harem anime. Some of these have action, comedy and romance mixed in. Let's get to it!

Sekirei | Source


I watched this and I can see why it is popular. How epic is a girl falling from the sky and landing her butt on you out of nowhere? This can only happen in anime. So you have a 19 year old student named Minato Sahashi who is very intelligent but always crumbles under pressure. Upon getting a butt in his face by a girl named Musubi, she forms a contract with Minato to aid her in a competition called the "Sekirei Plan", where a bunch of fan service girls fight each other. Action plus bouncing boobies plus harem is a win-win ecchi anime hit series.

Kiss x Sis
Kiss x Sis | Source

Kiss x Sis

This anime has some really mind boggling relationships. You have a guy named Keita Suminoe who has 2 step twin sisters who are extremely flirtatious towards Keita. At least they made them step sisters, otherwise this anime is just downright wrong. So throughout the whole anime, you have a young guy trying to keep his penis in his pants from the aggressive and flirtatious advances of the twin sisters.

Bakemonogatari | Source


Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari is extremely popular and well written anime in my opinion. Sure, it has ecchi and harem, but it still doesn't change the fact that it can bring out different reactions from so many anime fans. The plot is about a guy named Koyomi Araragi who is almost human again after being a vampire. As he looks for a solution of trying to become human, he meets many different girls. What is good about this anime though is the witty conversations that mixes in humor and word play. You have to watch this and also the disturbing toothbrush scene...

Rosario + Vampire
Rosario + Vampire | Source

Rosario + Vampire

Tsukana Aono is a student that does poorly in school and as a result has to transfer to a private school called Yokai Academy. What he doesn't know is that the school is full of supernatural monsters disguised as humans. Fearing for his life, he wanted to transfer out until he meets Moka Akashiya, who is a vampire that likes his blood. So, he started falling for this vampire LIKE A BOSS!

Freezing | Source


The writers of this anime sure know how to please the anime fan boys. They make girls transform into super warriors. Here is the kick though, they are naked for a while when they transform. So the plot is that aliens are invading Earth and super female warriors are the solution to countering the aliens. Kazuya Aoi, the main male protagonist, gets all the girls without doing much. This is definitely what guys want to see in an ecchi/harem anime.

Girls Bravo
Girls Bravo | Source

Girls Bravo

Alright, so you have a young boy named Yukinari Sasaki getting bullied and teased by girls to no end. Because of this, he developed a fear for women(gynophobia) and also breaks out when he comes in contact with women. One day, he enters a world called "Seiren" after getting kicked into a bathtub. This world is heavily populated by females. He then meets one girl called Miharu Sena Kanaka who does not cause him to break out when coming in contact with her...

Heaven's Lost Property
Heaven's Lost Property | Source

Heaven's Lost Property

Tomoki Sakurai is a young and horny teenage boy who prefers to live a peaceful life. One day he witnesses a meteor falling from the sky. He finds this female Angeloid from the crash and after saving her, she becomes his servant.

Now, what do you think happens when a horny guy gets a beautiful female looking Angeloid being his servant? He uses it to abuse and get his fantasies fulfilled. Although it is an extremely perverted anime, the latter stages of the plot become very entertaining. If you can look past the flying panties, then I would say you go ahead and watch this.

Kanokon | Source


The main character of Kanokon is a young innocent boy named Kouta Oyamada. He is aggressively chased by this beautiful girl(Chizuru) who later reveals herself to be a 400 year old fox spirit. The twist of the story begins when another girl called Nozomu enters the fray. She is a wolf spirit and also declares her love for Kouta. So you have two girls aggressively chasing this passive guy who does nothing but enjoy the show. This definitely appeals to passive boys.


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    • profile image

      Gavin 14 months ago

      Yeah if you guys are familiar with DxD then you should check out Date a Live because they are really similar

    • profile image

      animewatcher27 17 months ago

      can kissxsis count since theres only two of them. I thought u needed like 4 to five to make a harem. I've seen it and know that there are other girls who like him but it doesnt really have the harem feel to it.

    • profile image

      Kirito 2 years ago

      In terms of harem i think that campione and DxD should be put on here

    • profile image

      little white boy 2 years ago

      Ya dxd should be here

    • profile image

      wutnut 2 years ago

      Campione! And DxD should be here

    • profile image

      king j 2 years ago


    • profile image

      DXDFAN 3 years ago

      Highschool DxD is the best why is it not added ?

    • joween18 profile image

      Joween Flores 3 years ago

      I already watched the First 3 animes.. gonna watch the remaining 7. :)

      I also have hubs about anime recommendation, check out my page.. you may find something interesting..

    • profile image

      Otaku 3 years ago

      Not so

    • SomeEldarGuy profile image

      Alex 4 years ago

      just so you know, DxD only gets worse in terms of "plot", seriously, sometimes it's unreal...

    • Hikapo profile image

      Seet 4 years ago from California

      Yea, I have heard good things about DxD.

    • LofZOdyssey profile image

      LofZOdyssey 4 years ago

      A really good list. I have not had the chance to check out some of them, but the ones I have seen are right on the money. If I were to make a suggestion though, Highschool DxD should be added to this list. The first season at least, the second can take it or leave it.

    • SomeEldarGuy profile image

      Alex 4 years ago

      To Love-ru and The World God Only Knows need to be here.

    • Ruggrats profile image

      Justin Watkins 4 years ago from lakewood Washington

      love this anime