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Best Cheap Headphones for under $10/£10

Updated on March 28, 2017

Poundland Signalex Super Bass, £1

In the UK poundland shops sell a huge array of mostly awful cheap electricals for only £1. However occasionally you can find something of good quality.

One of those is the Poundland Super Bass headphones. Make sure it is the Super Bass model because the others are horrible, however for £1 these headphones are easily bareable. The build quality is a bit lacking and for me they fall apart after a couple of months (but can be fixed with superglue). The sound quality isn't anywhere near as "tinny" as other headphones of a similar price, the sound isn't really that crisp or full but to use them as an almost disposable pair of headphones they are brilliant. Personally I have pairs of these lying everywhere around my house, it means if I'm just quickly going out I don't have to ever search for a pair.

HTC Phone Headphones, £4/$5

These are the headphones that come with every HTC phone (HTC One X generation), or you can buy them off the internet for only a few pounds/dollars.

Once again these aren't headphones that will blow your mind, they are headphones that will do the job of listening to music adequately for almost no money. The sound quality of the HTC headphones is nicely bassy however with reasonably crisp top end, better than most headphones that come with cell phones. The actual headphone part of these is almost larger than most meaning it won't fall out of your ears (Unlike apple headphones) if you are blessed with two that are larger than average.

The thing that has impressed me most about these headphones however is how durable they are. I have a pair that was left out in the rain overnight, went through a washing machine and are a year old, you could still mistake them for a new pair! These headphones will not die!

Sony MDR-EX10, £7/$9

These headphones come from one of the most famous brands for audio in the world, Sony. It is one of the cheapest sets they make however that doesn't stop the being brilliant value for money.

The headphones are of the in ear type and come with 3 different ear bud sizes, thus meaning they won't slip out of your ears. The cable is thin gets tangled easily, however that is a problem for many high end headphones as well. The sound quality is also impressive.

These headphones are perfect for use when exercising, they are cheap enough to not have to worry about damage, however sound good and are very secure in your ears along with the fact they are from a well known brand.


There are lots and lots of headphones available for this very cheap price, most of the are not even worth that small amount of money. If you look around and read reviews however you will see that there are also many headphones that are brilliant value for money and punch far above their weight. My list above is just a selection of those that I have personally tried and recommend .

Enjoy your music.


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