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Best Horror Movies!! Psycho Slasher Movies Series!!

Updated on June 1, 2010

Which do you think is the best SLASHER Horror Film??

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Psycho starts when a woman is discovered as missing--last seen at the infamous Bates Motel in the desert--her sister and boyfriend visit the place only to find it run by a voyeuristic, taxidermist loner whose possessed by his dead mother and dresses himself up like her, adopting her personality.

All of Hitch's movies are intellectual. Psycho arguably considered Hitch's best work is a visual treat. Psycho is renowned for the famous shower scene. However, it's nothing as compared to rest of the film. As one user said, there's a lot more to this movie than showers and knives. It has the darkest back story and darkest of humours you will see in a Hitchcock movie. Psycho was intentionally shot in black and white which is the highlight of this movie. The cinematography is brilliant as you'd expect of any Hitch film.

Friday the 13th begins in 1957, a boy named Jason Voorhees drowned while staying at Camp Crystal Lake, due to the negligence of the staff. The next year, two camp counselors were killed, and the camp was closed. A few years later, fires and other problems prevented the camp from re-opening. In 1979, ignoring the camp "curse," a new owner opens the place, and before long, a mysterious figure is stalking the area, and once again, people are being murdered.

The first chapter to this series of horror flicks has the most suspense than any of the other films. Unfortunately, it doesn't discover its camp value until much later. Betsy Palmer is spooky and convincing ... a truly great villan. The gore special effects were far ahead of their time.

A Nightmare On Elm Street is abouta group of teenagers are terrorized by "Freddy Krueger", an evil being from another world who gets to his victims by entering their dreams and killing them with gloves that have knife blades attached to each finger.

This groundbreaking slasher classic delivers an innovative concept, an iconic bad guy (Freddy Krueger) and dreamy special effects that create all-time great images like Tina being dragged across the ceiling of the bedroom, Freddy's glove attacking Nancy in the bathtub, Glen (Depp) getting sucked into his own bed then spewing out more blood than could belong to any one person and the infamous "tongue phone." A classic movie with many clasic parts, not to be missed!

Child's Playstarts when police shoot and kill a convicted strangler after cornering him in a toy store. As the man is dying, he transfers his soul into a doll. Soon aftre the dool gets sold to a little boy and then the killing spree begins.. 

Chucky isn't often mentioned when it comes to slashers, but he has all the goods: a homicidal maniac (who just happens to be a doll), grisly murders, a high body count and a killer who just. Will. Not. Die.  Chucky is verbose and fond of wisecracks -- like Freddy in A Nightmare on Elm Street -- although the original Child's Play is less comedic than later sequels (again, like Nightmare). I think it's hardly a coincidence that the My Buddy dolls faded in popularity soon after this film came out, because lord knows I wouldnt want one after seeing this film!

HALLOWEEN takes us into the world of a mad killer, Michael Myers, who at a very young age stabbed his older sister to death. Locked away for many years in a mental hospital Michael escapes one night and returns to his hometown to continue his killing spree. Jamie Lee Curtis, in her first role, plays the resourceful babysitter who is chased by the killer on Halloween night.

The film that started it all. Although there were technically a few other slashers before Halloween, none came close to having the lasting impact of John Carpenter's classic. Thanks to Halloween, we now have genre standards like virginal heroines, masked, unstoppable killers and open-ended conclusions. Its success opened the door for the flood of slasher movies during the '80s and helped sustain the viability of independent film in general -- horror or otherwise. It's so well executed, from the direction  to the creepy score, that Halloween has become legend.

SCREAM is about a girl named Sidney who has more than her share of teenage angst to cope with. Her mom was murdered a year ago, her dad is perpetually away on business, and her boyfriend Billy is pressuring her to go all the way. As if that weren't enough, a brilliant serial killer has begun to terrorize Sidney's quiet hometown, including her highschool classmate Casey Becker. With the calculated genius of a perfect predator, the killer is using his love of scary movies to turn the town upside down - taking everything he knows about the genre to trick his victims, outwit the police and throw his pursuers off base. Now, no one is safe - and everyone is a suspect.

This movie put Wes Cravin on the map for a new generation and unlike most horror movies, the acting in Scream was very good, the story was good too, Neve Campbell was perfect for the role of Sydney. The whole movie wasn't some mindless idiot killer walking around killing teenagers, the victims actually ran from the killer rather than standing there screaming while the killer is still 10-feet from you. And the killer got knocked over every time he went after someone, I thought that was kind of funny. The movie delivers plenty of suspense as well as horror and humor, I like the idea of a killer copying a movie and making it real life. The beginning was good, it got right to the point rather than leave you sitting in the theater for an hour not knowing what was going on.

In I Know What You Did Last Summer three friends accidently hit and kill someone while they are driving drunk. They opt not to tell anyone about the murder and, in time, they pretend to forget about it. Their crime comes back to haunt them the following summer when they each start receiving mysterious letters from someone who knows what they've done and then start dieing one by one...

Although it tends to fall in the shadow of the other Kevin Williamson-penned '90s slasher, Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summerstands on its own right as an intense, tightly written mystery. As a teenager of the 90's this was one movie that introduce me to the whole slasher genre and although it may not be a classic it was memorable and i definitely recommend it.

In Toolbox Murders a married couple move into the Lusman Building, an old Hollywood landmark, but during a renovation of the building evil spirits are released. The wife discovers the mystery behind the spirits and tries to combat the malevolent, supernatural force that thrives within the walls of the Lusman.

This well-made slasher from legendary director Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) is a welcome throwback to the '80s slasher heyday. Although it went straight to video, is has the professional quality of a theatrical release .The killer uses a variety of tools -- hammer, nail gun, drill -- to dispatch his victims in a series of nicely staged (and grisly) set pieces.

The House on Sorority Row is about seven senior sorority sisters are soon sorry when they plan to play a pitiful prank on their house mother! Their cranky matron gets even crankier when the girls decide to hold their graduation party at the Sorority House although they know that the house mother has closed it for the summer. She catches one of the girls in bed, which raises her crankiness level to the boiling point. When the girls' revenge goes deadly wrong, however, the girls find they suddenly have more to worry about than boys and grades.

Although its title sounds as much like an after-school special as an R-rated slasher, The House on Sorority Row plays out like I Know What You Did Last...Night, with a mystery figure stalking a group of sorority sisters who accidentally killed their house mother the day before. It feels like there's something missing near the end (like unmasking the killer perhaps?), but is still a must-see for the decapitated head-in-the-toilet scene alone.

Valentine as you may suspect takes place on Valentine's Day, best friends Kate, Paige, Dorothy and Lily are terrified when they begin receiving violent anonymous threats. They soon learn that the stalker is Jeremy Melton -- a nerdy boy they mercilessly tormented years ago in junior high. Since then Jeremy has really come into his own. Now that he's a hunk with magnetic sex appeal, he devises a deadly and bloody plot for revenge against his teenage tormentors.

I quite liked this movie because it was scary and focused on 5 pretty recongnizable women, Kate(Marley Shelton) the popular one. Paige(Denise Richards) the sexy one. Lilly(Jessica Cauffiel) the fun one. Shelly(Katherine Heigl) the brainy one, and Dorothy(Jessica Capshaw) who thinks she's fat, but I think is the pretty one(They all dissed a nerdy boy when they were young, and more than a decade later they start to get stalked one by one. Each death in the movie is unique and does'nt quickly rush in to the next one, and does'nt wait too long aswell. It's fun, scary, and funny and I recommend it to anyone who likes stalker movies.


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    • tdanielle55 profile image


      9 years ago

      Chucky made me hate dolls for life! so scary

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Your description on slasher films was superb, I did see the movie the toolbox murders and I liked it, I will be exploring your hubs for more intriguing information.


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