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Best Impersonation of Popular Pastors in This Video

Updated on March 21, 2018
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Sima is an avid online writer. She writes about various subjects that she is passionate about. Thanks for reading her articles.

Cartoon Guy Laughing.  Laughter is good medicine.  Laugh a lot.
Cartoon Guy Laughing. Laughter is good medicine. Laugh a lot. | Source

Popular Pastors Impersonated

Comedian Broderick Rice brings laughter at its finest when he impersonates seven very famous preachers. To fully appreciate this article, please watch the video. I am giving you a synopsis of each pastor as an aid to the video. Funny, funny, funny is how I describe his impersonations of these famous preachers.

These impersonations are not meant to offend anyone, but are accurate depictions of pastors in a comedians mind. All of the impersonations are excellent, but there is one that stands out as the very best. You be the judge, I won’t cast my vote before you have a chance to view the video.

As you may know, I am very fond of Preachers and Pastors. I have a deep affection for people in the ministry, maybe because my father was a Pastor and Preacher. So please, sit down, undisturbed for the next several minutes and enjoy this hilarious piece of work by Broderick Rice.

Laughter works like a medicine.  Doctors prescribe medicine; Comedians prescribe laughter!
Laughter works like a medicine. Doctors prescribe medicine; Comedians prescribe laughter! | Source

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones - Proverbs 17:22. Laughter should be an intentional activity of your life. You should incorporate laughter in your every day living. You feel and look better when you laugh and smile. Doctors say, there are health benefits when you laugh, because happy endorphines are released in your body.

Fred Price. Fred Price is founder and overseer of mega church, Crenshaw Christian Center,  where his son now is the Senior Pastor.  He preaches a prosperity message to his congregation and many people love him. Fred Price is straightforward, frank and he will challenge your faith. He operates by faith, and if you are a weak individual, you will not be able to survive in his congregation.  He has a unique style in presenting the Gospel.  He and his wife Dr. Betty Price are strong forces in the faith movement.

Rod Parsley, Breakthrough – Rod Parsley is a wonderful Pastor who pours his heart and soul out to his congregation. When he comes on the air, he is often sweating on his upper lip. He is tall in stature, and his pants are so very long that I think he is going to trip over them. He preaches hard, camp meeting style. He loves preaching the gospel. If you ever get a chance, watch "Break Through," with Rod Parsley.

Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen. Joel Osteen fast became one of America’s best-loved Pastors. He became pastor after his father died. He worked behind-the-scenes and managed the cameras before his dad passed. His approach is humble and lowly. He presents his messages in a non-judgmental manner, giving a motivational message to his listeners. He does not like conflict. Joel has become a best selling author, and has a huge heart.

Bishop Eddie Long. Bishop Eddie Long is very charismatic. He usually starts out his message breathing deeply and saying, "watch this, watch this, watch this", in a whisper voice. He preps you to received a dynamic word from God that he plans on delivering. The crowd is on the edge of their seat awaiting the powerful word that he will deliver. Bishop Eddie Long is a mega-church Pastor. In spite of his troubles, God uses whom he will to promote the Gospel.

T. D. Jakes. T. D. Jakes is also one of America’s most beloved Pastors. His depth of wisdom and knowledge is incredible. He brings drama and excitement as he preaches to his followers, and they are fully satisfied with a message of hope for tomorrow. T. D. Jakes will have you up on your feet dancing, shouting and praising the Lord for the saving power of God. T. D. Jakes is an entrepreneur and recording artist. He is known for saying, "Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready."

Benny Hinn. Benny Hinn's introduction is very gracious and gentle. He ushers in the presence of God through his command of worship. His strong anointing brings thousands of people, Christian, and non-Christians, together in unity and harmony in one place. Benny Hinn has an anointing for healing, and God uses him to set people free and deliver them from all kinds of illnesses and diseases. Benny Hinn is an author and television host.

Marvin Winans. Marvin Winans has a phenomenal voice that the angels rejoice over. He began captivating hearts with his voice at a young age. He and his brothers formed the Winans. He Pastors Perfecting Church and works as an advocate for the community on issues that affect our livelihood. He established Winans Academy, a school where children can learn, develop and grow to meet the challenging needs of children in the inner-city.

The video is well worth watching more than once.  Bookmark it if you like, because I think you will want to go back again to get a good laugh.  Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 


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  • Treasuresofheaven profile image

    Sima Ballinger 6 years ago from Michigan

    Nastasia, I really like the way you said, ...."anointed to make people laugh." This is one of my all-time favorite You-tubes - Hilarious!!!ha ha ha...

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  • Nastasia profile image

    Katrina of A VICTORIOUS WOMAN MINISTRY 6 years ago

    How funny! The impressionist is truly anointed to make people laugh.

  • Treasuresofheaven profile image

    Sima Ballinger 6 years ago from Michigan

    RevLady, I am so happy you dropped by today to enjoy this "humor break" as you say. Has anyone ever impersonated you?

    It is all in fun!!! Thanks for being a good sport.

  • RevLady profile image

    RevLady 6 years ago from Lantana, Florida

    Enjoyed the humor break with our brothers and sister in Christ Jesus. Thank you.

    Forever His