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Best LAHWF Videos

Updated on January 4, 2018

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You might have heard of LAWHF (Losing All Hope Was Freedom). It's a youtube channel of funny hidden camera prank videos where a guy called Andrew Hales goes up to strangers in the street or on a university campus and does all sorts of random things such as trying to hug, kiss or mock them, awkwardly laughing or singing, getting people to finish singing songs, telling corny jokes, quoting movies, waving at people, staring at people, trying to pick up girls, telling people what to do, and one of my favourites, complimenting people loudly.

What results from this is usually honest, funny and unexpected spur-of-the moment reactions to the random things that Andrew does, as well as just general absurdity, hilarity and plenty of awkwardness. It is fascinating to watch as Andrew takes simple ideas and turns them into entertaining social situations.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the videos is seeing Andrew and his friends connect with total strangers and have positive interactions, and to see them come across genuinely nice people who go along with it because they think it's a joke, or who try to be as polite as possible in the awkward situations that are created.

Andrew Hales of LAHWF
Andrew Hales of LAHWF | Source

Some of the most popular videos from LAWHF include tipping servers 200 dollars, paying for people's groceries, holding people's hands, and trying to kiss girls.

Other memorable videos include pretending to be Macklemore, telling people i'm high, I follow you on Instagram, and throwing hot coffee on a person.

These pranks/situations would often be difficult to do with random strangers on the street and therefore a lot of the videos are shot on university campuses in the US, including Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University.

You can't help but admire Andrew for doing something he loves doing, only working four hours a week, and travelling around the US and the world making awkward videos and conducting social experiments.

When asked about the philosophy behind his YouTube channel, called LAWHWF (Losing All Hope Was Freedom) which is a quote from Fight Club 1999, he said: "It's the philosophy that you just stop caring about what other people want you to do, and what they think of you, and you just do your own thing.”

Facts About The YouTube Channel's Creator, Andrew Hales

- Andrew Hales is a college drop-out who describes himself as a "naturally awkward guy", and who shot to fame with viral videos in 2012

- His First Viral Video was called "Holding People's Hand", it now has nearly 9 million views

- He attended Utah Valley University (UVU) and first started filming his YouTube videos on campus, and also at Brigham Young University

- He visited China in 2013 to shoot videos including "Taking People's Umbrellas" & "Holding People's Hand 3"

Below is a list of the Top 10 Most Popular LAHWF Videos on YouTube, by number of views (as of 22 September 2015):

1) Tipping Servers $200

2) Actually Picking Up A Girl

3) Trying To Kiss Girls

4) Sweeping Girls Off Their Feet

5) Awkward Elevator

6) Holding People's Hand

7) Paying For People's Groceries

8) Will You Kiss Me?

9) Acting Out The Notebook With Girls

10) Asking A Girl To Punch Me In The Face

Extra: Stealing People's Cell Phone

Pranks also sometimes go wrong...


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