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Best New Horror Movies For Halloween 2010: Top Horror Movies Of 2010

Updated on July 16, 2011

Halloween horror movie fests are the best way to enjoy the crisp October nights. Now, there are plenty of old classics, but why not consider some new horror movies for Halloween 2010? After all, plenty come out all year round and there's going to be lots of new classics to add to your repeat viewing of Friday the 13th Part: IV .

Whether you enjoy schlocky horrors, gimmicky slashers, or classy cerebral scares, there are plenty of great new horror movies for Halloween 2010. New properties and remakes abound this year, so sit down with a tub of popcorn and enjoy the top horror movies of 2010.

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The Crazies

Its hard to imagine a movie entitled The Crazies has such a pedigreed cast. Starring Deadwood's brilliant Timothy Olyphant is a violent comic book adaptation that skews the zombie genre. After the towns water supply becomes host to a mind-bending poison, the inhabitants of Ogden Marsh are becoming psychotic killers.

While the townsfolk turn on themselves, a small group of uninfected survivors have to escape their once peaceful hometown alive. Filled with gruesome kills and some real surprises, this is definitely one of the best new horror movies of 2010.



Released in only a small number of theaters in 2009, the first chance most American viewers will have to watch this amazing piece of South Korean horror cinema is on DVD in 2010. Directed by Park Chan-wook, Thirst is a subversion of the vampire genre. A priest contracts vampirisim due to medical tests and blood transfusions gone awry and is forced to deal with his new thirst for blood.

This all seems like the set up for a conventional vampire film, but the story spins wildly away from expectations. After falling in love with a local girl, the film switches genres every fifteen minutes. One moment it is an intense Japanese ghost story, the next a harrowing Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolfe-esque confrontational drama. Then it turns into a suspenseful Hitchcockian mystery.

From start to Finish, Thirst is an absolute delight and is certainly one of the best movies for Halloween 2010. Don't let the subtitles turn you off, this is a masterpiece in every way possible.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

If Jason couldn't stop him, did you think time could? Freddy is back in the remake of the original A Nightmare on Elm Street. Why not take the chance to watch the new version of this classic horror film this Halloween?

There aren't many surprises in this remake, but the slicker editing and higher quality film make it a bit more tolerable to modern audiences.  It seems unlikely we'll find any new Jonny Depps in the remake, but for a fun Halloween horror night, it is the perfect new film.

Shutter Island

This big name, Scorsese-helmed horror flick can add some art to your Halloween.  One of the most well received horror films of 2010, Shutter Island takes the viewer down the dark, dingy halls of a poorly maintained mental asylum for the criminally insane.

The past haunts a government agent (Leonardo DiCaprio) tasked to find out the truth behind a recent escape from this supposedly impenetrable hospital. As he delves deeper into the case, he finds that things are not what they seem. Reality and fantasy collide as conspiracies and madness are bound together in one pulse-pounding plot.


Released as part of the After Dark Horrorfest lineup in 2010, Dread is based on a short story by acclaimed horror novelist Clive Barker. A uniquely terrifying film, Dread examines fear and the lengths a researcher can go to glean scientific knowledge when they abandon medical ethics.

A pair of students administer a test, gathering research on other students worst fears. Unbeknownst to his partner, one begins using the information they've gathered to set up elaborate confrontations between unwilling victims and their worst fears. Naturally, this usually leads to their gory deaths.

Check out Dread and some of the other After Dark titles. They're a great way to check out some great new horror for Halloween 2010.

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