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Best Online April Fool's Day Panks of 2010

Updated on April 1, 2010

Best April Fools' Day Pranks 2010

Every year the internet runs amuck with pranks, jokes, and tricks.  April Fools' Day offers net rats and multi-million dollar companies to mess with the minds of the masses.  April Fools' Day 2010 was no different.

These are some of the best, worst, and most notable April Fools' pranks the internet had to offer in 2010.  Also learn about the tricks that never quite got off the ground.  We're talking Google.

Starbucks April Fools 2010 prank flopped.
Starbucks April Fools 2010 prank flopped.

Starbucks Plenta & Micra

Starbucks' April Fools' Day 2010 prank gets a B- for effort and a F for implementation. The corporation endeavored to trick the masses with the announcement of two new coffee sizes: the Plenta and the Micra. Unfortunately, it failed to fool anyone and was only slightly amusing.

The premise of a ridiculously large cup of coffee is entertaining to any caffeine addict, it's just not laugh-out-loud funny. The Micra, an ultra small size, just looked like a disposable espresso cup. The Plenta, which could have been a 10-piece chicken bucket with a Starbucks logo, was too large and exposed the concept as the hoax it was. The image of the Plenta in the hands of a small man made the whole thing even more ludicrous, but no more entertaining.

The announcement for the new sizes made obvious and misguided attempts at amusing readers. At one point it suggested Plenta purchasers reuse their cups as popcorn buckets-- which is probably what the cups shown had started life as.

Google Wave, April Fools Day 2010

Google Wave Application

Google may have had to pull the plug on one great prank (with mind-blowing potential), but they had a backup plan.  The announcement of the Google Wave App wasn't the best Google prank ever, but in typical Google fashion, it had users scratching their heads for a minute. 

Just for the heck of it, here's the best Google April Fools' Day prank ever:  Google TiSP

Image by topgold, courtesy of flickr.
Image by topgold, courtesy of flickr.

YouTube TEXTp Prank 2010

YouTube's April Fools' Day 2010 prank was the announcement of TEXTp.  While it never really fooled anyone, it was well written and a funny read.  It's unfortunate YouTube didn't pull together a video demonstration of the TEXTp concept.  The potential for hysterics would have been endless.

Kodak Aromatography

Kodak Aromatography

Kodak's April Fools' day hoax was the unveiling of Neuro-Optic-Nasal-Sense Imaging* technology that would allow picture-takers to capture odors.  "Aromatography"doesn't sound all that funny (or novel), but Kodak does an excellent job adding pictures and video to expand on the concept.  Not convincing, but it does deliver a grin.

College Humor logo, courtesy of College Humor.
College Humor logo, courtesy of College Humor.

College Humor April Fool's Prank 2010

Click here for College Humor Prank.  This is a classic prank, but it's still funny to imagine people who don't 'get it'.  Most of the world has known about College Humor's volatile relationship with the federal government for some time.  Most of us didn't care because it didn't involve us.  As of now, it's everyone's problem. 

Unicorn Meat, courtesy of
Unicorn Meat, courtesy of

Think Geek Unicorn Meat April Fools 2010

Think Geek's Unicorn Meat was one of the best pranks in 2010 simply because it pushed the envelope so far.  The site celebrated April Fools' Day 2010 by announcing a new product: yup, unicorn meat.  They even included a recipe. 

Beautiful wrongness.

Google Docs logo, courtesy of Google.
Google Docs logo, courtesy of Google.

Google Docs Store Anything Beta

Google Docs marked the holiday by announcing it was seeking beta user for Store Anything, a new program that would even keep your car keys for you.  User testimonies make this 2010 April Fools' Day hoax especially funny.  The potential for misuse and abuse could keep the mind occupied for hours.

FOX News pranks itself (we hope).  Image by New England Secession, courtesy of flickr.
FOX News pranks itself (we hope). Image by New England Secession, courtesy of flickr.

FOX News Accidentally Pranks Itself

The original story was removed from FOX News, but Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show' immortalized the moment here on its blog.

We'll have to assume FOX News didn't know its big story about the tragic death of a major global-warming figure was completely false.  The only other possibility is that they made a horrible joke out of someone's (fake) death.  They don't deserve a pass, but we'll assume this was unintentional.

FOX News' big April Fool's Day hoax contribution was a legitimate-looking article on the death of James Schneider.  Schneider, an esteemed environmental activist was reported to have frozen to death in Antarctica.  When revealed as a hoax, FOX News quickly removed the information from its site.  To make matters more embarrassing for FOX, it appears they lifted the information from a satirical website that published the story back in 2006. questions Google's nuclear motivations.  Image by redjar, courtesy of flickr. questions Google's nuclear motivations. Image by redjar, courtesy of flickr.

Tech Crunch: Google Goes Nuclear spoofed its readers on April Fools' Day 2010 by reporting on a rather quiet Google project.  According to Tech Crunch, Google was investing in Uranium enrichment... you know, the stuff they make bombs out of?  Though TC reported Google's motivation was developing clean energy, the report also question if Google's intentions were really that innocent.

Hulu is exposed April Fools' Day 2010.  Image by tomislavmedak, courtesy of flickr.
Hulu is exposed April Fools' Day 2010. Image by tomislavmedak, courtesy of flickr.

HULU's Plot for World Domination Exposed!!!

The details of Hulu's plot to take over the world one tv-rotted brain at a time was revealed in a disturbing video. For April Fools' Day 2010, the site produced a 'documentary' explaining how their mind-controlling practices worked. Shocking and surprisingly technical. Check out the video.

QualComm warns butterfly attacks are on the rise.  Image by kimrose, courtesy of flickr.
QualComm warns butterfly attacks are on the rise. Image by kimrose, courtesy of flickr.

QualComm: Butterfly Attack

Qualcomm's 2010 April Fools' Day hoax is actually kinda scary.  A well-produced video was posted on Facebook by Qualcomm, alerting the public to the dangers of a new and frightening phenomena: butterfly attacks.  It sounds ridiculous, but the video of a man being taken down in an open field by a swarm of angry butterflies may be a bit disturbing for some.  Click here to view the video. Back-to-Front Business Cards

This is funny and a bit tragic.  In a world where Snuggies are a multi-million dollar industry, the back-to-front business card doesn't sound all that crazy. excitedly announced the advent of its front-to-back business card on April Fools' Day, 2010.  The project, they report, is the result of countless hours of market research.  For a limited time only, Moo will offer its customers the opportunity to print the front of their business cards on what would typically be the back side, and the back would be printed on the front.

This offer won't last long, kids.

Telegraph reports ferrets are instrumental in spreading broadband access.  Image by AMagill, courtesy of flickr.
Telegraph reports ferrets are instrumental in spreading broadband access. Image by AMagill, courtesy of flickr.

Telegraph: Ferrets for Rural Broadband

Telegraph, a British online news source, reported a unique story about the use of skilled ferrets in expanding broadband internet access.  The 2010 April Fools' Day prank was made a bit more believable by some clever writing, but the ferret image was the best part of the hoax.


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    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 

      5 years ago from Minnesota

      Nice collaboration of pranks here!

    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 

      7 years ago from Long Island, NY

      Well. Two more months till April Fool's Day, again. So I found your Hub just in time. I like the Back-to-Front Business Cards. Anyone can have fun with this. Next time I give out a card I'm going to tell the recipient that I didn't have to pay for them because the printer accidentally printed them front on back. Then I'm going to watch them try to figure that out. I got the idea from you. lol. Thanks.

    • profile image

      Priscilla Benfield 

      8 years ago

      oh noooo! not ferrets!!!!!!eeek! very funny


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