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Best Online Guitar Learning Webites & Resources

Updated on May 13, 2014

The approach that people have taken to learning guitar has changed hugely in the last 15 years. Where people used to go to a teacher/tutor or learn from song books with limited repertoire then now learn using online websites and resources.

The amount of content online is huge, this mass of content has opened up so many doors to budding guitarists and musicians. Young musicians no longer have to pay a tutor to be able to make fast progression in learning, the information age that the youth has grown up in provides them with all they need to learn and know. For example almost any well song in existence has the guitar "tab" written for it, and for popular artists these are normally available only days after the songs release. If you struggle with understanding tab then their are video tutorials available for almost as many songs.

There are some downsides however from this reliance on the internet, those I will go on to later. However in this article my aim is give a list of the best online resources that will help you either improve at guitar or find information that you are looking for quickly and easily.

Best For Tabs (and lots of other things aswell): Ultimate Guitar

This website does exactly what the URL suggests, it is a brilliant overall guitar resource. The website prides itself for having the largest resource of tabs available on the internet with over 800,000. These are easily searchable and are given a rating by other users so you can judge which are best.

Free access will allow you to view all the tabs, however by signing up for tab pro it gives you extra features including the ability for the computer to actually play the tab to you, thus meaning you are able to see how the tempo fits into the song. A hugely useful feature.

The website isn't just tabs however, it also has a brilliant forum and an amazing review sections. The review section has been running since the early 2000's and for most common guitars or amps Ultimate Guitar will have over 50 user reviews. These reviews allow you to see a large number of opinions easily on one place, this is the only place on the internet I know with this amount of content.


Best Online Tutor: Martysongz (Youtube)

Without Marty Schwartz there is no way I would be able to play half the songs I can. His youtube channel contains over 1000 videos, these are mostly song tutorials however he also does many more general videos that are also brilliant.

Marty seems to have a natural knack at teaching guitar, he seems to get the pace of progression through a song perfectly right. Some online tutors will finish teaching a section and you are left thinking "What???", with Marty however you may have to listen a few times to get it bang on but you are never left confused. Additionally he manages to do this without going patronizingly slow.

Best Equipment Demo Videos: Rob Chapman

Before you buy any amps or guitars it is a good idea to listen and get an feel for what they sound like. Rob Chapman does many reviews and demo's of equipment himself, however what sets him apart are the videos that he does with Andertons music store. These demo's cover almost all noteable new guitars or amps, both "The Captain" and "Chappers" are brilliant players and very knowledgeable about the equipment that they are testing out.

Best For Finding Chords:

This is another website that you should definitely have in your bookmarks. It does exactly what it says in the title, it helps you find chords.

The website's online application has a store of literally hundreds of chords, these can be selected traditionally by the chord name and thus showing the finger positions on the fretboard. Or the killer feature of allowing you to input the finger positions and the program tells you the chord, effectively reverse chord searching.

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Why You Should Beware Of Relying Completely On The Internet

The internet is a brilliant resource full of information, sometimes too much information. It is easy for a beginner guitarist to get confused to what it all means. You can get frustrated when you arn't able to play certain songs from tutorials, however these songs may be far above your level and you need to work up to them.

The advantage of an old-school tutor is that they could introduce you to information and techniques as you progress, it is all split into small manageable chunks. Your tutor can also give you advice and help if you are making common mistakes, you don't get this online.

The internet is a really helpful addition to a tutor if you have one, however they don't completely replace that one to one help. It is possible to teach yourself guitar soley from the internet however it takes far more dedication.


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