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Best Places To See Drag Queen Shows In New York City

Updated on July 15, 2011

Dude Looks Like A Lady: Great Drag Hang-Outs In Manhattan

If you're looking for entertainment in Manhattan outside of musicals and performance art, then try a drag queen club. They're raucous, unique and can almost guarantee that you'll have a great time. Here are a few stand-out selections:

1. Lucky Cheng's (24 1st Avenue): Lucky isn't for the faint of heart. The drag queens here will tease you, flirt with you, and if you're willing to pay enough, give you a suggestive lap dance and flip you upside-down. The place is often filled with bachelorette parties, but there are enough queens present to make sure that everyone there gets ample attention.

2. Lips (227 East 56th Street): This drag queen club/restaurant offers fine food and a fabulous musical review performed by the waiters ... or should that be waitresses. If you're about to get married and are there for a bachelorette party, your waitress just may request to walk down a faux aisle with you. However, many of these divas are so attractive, they outshine the bride-to-be.

3. New Escuelita (301 W. 39th St.): This latin-themed club plays great dance music and is sure to get you up and moving. While it doesn't feature drag queens, you're almost sure to see some well-dressed ladies shaking their stuff on the dance floor.

4. Barracuda (275 W. 22nd St.): This gay bar offers several drag shows throughout the week, including a wild one by performer Bianca Del Rio. Warning: she just might pull you up onto the stage with her!

Lucky Cheng's

Drag Queens Of New York


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