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Best R&B Girl Groups Of The 90s

Updated on December 20, 2010

SWV Definetely Made the List


Best r&b girl groups of the 90s wouldn’t be complete without the group SWV.  SWV consisting of three hot African American females Cheryl”Coko”Clemons, Tamara”Taj”Johnson and Leanne”LeLe”Lyons were the hottest thing out from 1990 to 1999.

SWV which stood for “Sisters with Voices” left a large trail of major hits behind that many in the Best r&b girl groups of the 90s category were trying to follow and even some today whose names won’t be  mentioned that haven’t succeeded.

The three friends in SWV group became a hit after being signed to a record deal with RCA Record Company in 1992. SWV also featured numerous opening acts during touring that went on to become successful female groups some of which are still performing today.

SWV Weak

SWV Rain

Best SWV Songs


Some of the major hits included my personal favorites:

1.    Weak

2.    I’m so into you

3.    You’re always on my mind

4.    Right here/human nature

5.    Downtown

6.    Anything

7.    You’re the one

8.    Rain

9.    It’s all about you

10. Use your heart

SWV Human Nature

SWV I'm So Into You

Come Back SWV We Miss You


Although the group went their separate ways in 1999 to pursue solo careers, they still manage to perform as a group from time to time on numerous television talk shows like Monique and recently had a tour with Faith Evans that ended on December 10, 2010 in United Kingdom.

With so many people asking what happened to the real R&B of yesterday, it’s a great thing that we all know who the best r&b girl groups of the 90s are and why they made the list.

While many singing groups of the past get back together just to fall apart, it’s a gut feeling that things would really work out all over again for SWV and they would change their status from Best r&b girl groups of the 90s to Best r&b women groups of 2011, just a hint SWV if you’ve stumbled across my hub. I was a very big fan; still a very big fan and will always remain a loyal fan.


SWV Downtown


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    • profile image

      Manuel Enrique Santiago 1988 6 years ago

      My faves songs by SWV are:

      1. Rain (1997)

      2. Weak (1993)

      3. I'm So Into You (1992)

      4. Anything (Remix)(1994)

      5. You're The One (1996)

      6. Can We (1997)

      7. Someone (1997)

      They've had a great cuts that performed well on Urban Radio. "The Beat", Power 106 and KJLH gave these three beautiful excellent support back in the 90's. I'm a 24 years old Latino male with two kids(2 years old and 5 years old) and I love R&B especially the 90's R&B. Today's R&B is garbage.