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Best Rock Guitar Solos

Updated on December 9, 2011

I recently saw a question asking what was the best guitar solo. I pondered for a minute and thought to myself that would be an impossible question to answer. There are so many guitar solos that I enjoy that picking out one would be a daunting task.

Instead I decided to narrow it down to ten. Even that became troublesome, so below I have listed eleven of my favorite guitar solos. Even though I made the decision I will continue to ponder if there are not better solos that I should have included.

Since it is such a difficult decision I ask for your input also.

What is your favorite guitar solo?


I have tried to add videos with live footage. The Steve Vai video is much better then a live performance.

I also could not find a quality version of Black Sabbath, Wicked World. I put up the track from the album only.

There are so many influential guitarists to choose from. There are numerous leads that could be considered for a list like this.

There are many songs which have leads that are just as good if not better then the ones I have listed here.

I hope you enjoy the videos and maybe you can find something that you have never heard before.

These were also picked from the Rock Genre. Perhaps I will be inspired to add some hubs with solos from other musical styles.


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    • profile image

      Naugty 2 years ago

      - Either everyone you shoot is good lonikog or you capture their beauty with your lens. Both? More good music recs- thanks! He's got heart throb good looks a la James Dean.

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 7 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Great stuff! Thanks.

    • Contagious! profile image

      Contagious! 7 years ago

      Awesome hub! Thanks for this! So cool that you included technically brilliant stuff (Steve Vai) in with passionately brilliant (Neil Young) and everything in between. One of my favorite solos is Neil Young's on Cinnamon Girl...(talk about economy!)

      Here are two of my all time favorites:

      Jimi Hendrix, playing Johnny B Goode

      (one of my all time favorite performances of any genre of music)

      And Buck Dharma (with Blue Oyster Cult) playing Dominance and Submission.

      The whole song builds up to the solo at the end...I think it's worth listening to the whole thing (one of my favorite songs) And one of my all time favorite air guitar songs, along with Surfing With the Alien... ;)

      I look forward to more Hubs from you!