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Best Songs About Quitting Your Job

Updated on November 4, 2019

Bob Dylan Gave The Quintessential Job Kiss Off On "Maggie's Farm"


None of these tunes are as blunt as Johnny Paycheck's hit from the Seventies

We had temperatures that dipped in the twenties, so I looked a little silly when several times I mistook the upcoming holiday for Labor Day. One reason for my error was owed to the fact that Veterans Day happened to fall on Monday, only it would be ten weeks after the celebrated September holiday.

Another source for my confusion had to do with National Public Radio, where my favorite music podcast can be found. I am a little behind on the episodes, so I just last week caught the Labor Day episode of Sound Opinions.

Given that the end of summer occasion was on everyone's mind, hosts Greg Kat and Jim Rogatis were discussing songs about quitting one's job. Kat metioned as his three favorites Jimmy Reed's "Big Boss Man" as well as Beck's "Soul Sucking Jerk" and the Descendants's "I Quit." Rogatis offered "Shove This Jay Oh Bee" by Canibus, Biz Markie's "Mr. Suit" and Bob Dylan's "Maggie's Farm."

Here are ten others that could have been included, albeit with just a little more labor.

Dear Employer by the Minus 5
Scott McCaughey, Jeff Tweedy and Peter Buck are politely sarcastic when they bid their boss farewell on this track, one of the many highlights on the Down With Wilco album.

Frankly Mr. Shankly by the Smiths
"You are a flatulent pain in the ass" snarls Morrissey on this catchy tune for The Queen Is Dead, which ironically also foreshadowed the death of the Smiths.

My Life by Billy Joel
Selling the house and closing the shop allowed this suburbanite to try his hand at comedy on the West Coast, according to this single from 52nd Street.

Spread Your Wings by Queen
Sammy begins the John Deacon composition from News of the World as a bar janitor, but by the end he has put away his broom and left his dead life behind.

Thank You Very Much by Kaiser Chiefs
What used to be a thrill now feels like a drill, says a fed up Ricky Wilson in this single from the Brit power pop band's third album.

Jackson Cannery by Ben Folds Five
Seconds pass slowly as years go flying by, as Folds notices during his shifts at the title factory, so he finally bids it farewell.

Johnny Cash by Jason Aldean
One country star pays tribute to another in an ode that begins with walking off of a job, an act that would certainly appeal to the Man in Black.

Peace and Love by Fountains of Wayne
Chris Collingwood on this Welcome Interstate Managers track sings about leaving a boring job to open a vegan restaurant or a book store in Vermont, where he hopes to be surrounded by the two ideals in the title.

Knock It on the Head by James Maddock and Wood
Having found little success at his current job, the British songwriter on this track from Stamford Hill vows to give it up for a new line of work.


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