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Best Songs With Two Word Titles Ending In Lady

Updated on June 8, 2019

Jimi Hendrix Automatically Comes To Mind When You Think Of Lady Songs


Although Both Had Huge Hits With Lady Songs, Neither The Beatles Nor Bob Dylan Appear On This List.

While discussing the film the recent Queen biopic, a friend of mine opined that the only change he would make is with the ending song. He believed that, given the title and its huge success, the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" should have been the closing number.

His point was valid, but he was completely inaccurate in his identification of the song that played during the end credits. He called it "Lady Godiva" instead of its correct title, "Don't Stop Me Now."

Usually it does not bother me when someone mistakes the title of a song, but in this case it is totally indefensible. After all, the song's refrain is "Don't Stop Me Now," and only on one occasion does Freddie Mercury mention Lady Godiva.

Anyway, the incident caused me to consider song titles that featured Lady as the first word, an exercise that got but few examples. I did manage, however, to come up with a bunch of two word titles that all end with lady, and here are the best fifteen. Note that Queen themselves made the list.

1. Flower Lady by Phil Ochs

Like most of Ochs's work this tune has the anti-war theme, but here it is wrapped in some gorgeous orchestration complementing very well his underrated tenor.

2. Sweet Lady by Queen

Too often buried beneath A Night At The Opera gems like "Boho Rhap" or "You're My Beat Friend" or Death on Two Legs" or "Love of My Life", this rocking number certainly ranks as one of the quartet's best deep cuts.

3. Delta Lady by Leon Russell

Joe Cocker scored a bigger hit with his cover version, but it was Russell who wrote it and therefore better understood its delivery.

4. Pretty Lady by Lighthouse

From the same rock gene as Chicago or Blood, Sweat and Tears, this band had several hits of its own like "One Fine Morning" and this one.

5. Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix

A grunt leads into a rest between chords, thereby helping this rock classic become a part of American culture.

6. Disco Lady by Johnny Taylor

It was inevitable, given the musical climate of the mid to late Seventies, that this adjective would appear before the noun of our topic.

7. Green-eyed Lady by Sugarloaf

The psychedelic rock band's debut album had only six songs, but this seven minute epic became an instant hit.

8. Railroad Lady by Jerry Jeff Walker

He is most famous for writing "Mr. Bojangles", but this hit has always been a fan favorite.

9. Dark Lady by Cher

Even though it begins with witchcraft and ends with murder, the diva somehow managed to take this hit all the way to number one.

10. Bag Lady by Todd Rundgren

Hermit of Mink Hollow features many of the Wizard's best tunes, including "Too Far Gone" and "Can We Still Be Friends?" as well as this depressing portrait.

11. Sentimental Lady by Bob Welch

After leaving one incarnation of Fleetwood Mac for a solo career, Welch received help from Lindsay Buckingham and Christine McVie on this hit as well as much of the French Kiss album.

12. London Lady by the Stranglers

Rattus Norvegicus was the debut record of this punk band, which packed it with great tunes such as "Peaches", ""Goodbye Toulouse" and this single.

13. Old Lady by Deer Tick

The indie outfit recorded this track for the album they called Mayonnaise, a delicious collection of well-done songs.

14. Sophisticated Lady by Natalie Cole

Nat King Cole's daughter has enjoyed as many hits as her father, including this single that could very well describe herself.

15. Groovy Lady by Cloud 7

With an adjective like that accompanying the subject, you could assume correctly the era was the Seventies and the group was of the R & B genre.


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