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Best TV Shows to Binge With COVID-19

Updated on March 26, 2020

Yes, everyone does have an opinion as to what are great TV shows to binge on, but please consider any of the following (in no particular order of what IS the best):

  1. Arctic Circle - available on Topic (like a Hulu, but cheaper) is a Finnish\English drama about a mysterious virus in Lapland discovered when dead prostitutes are suddenly appearing. Is it the Russian bio warfare? A new virus strain from Yemen that adapted to cold weather? A private biotech firm losing control of its invention? Finnish with subtitles, but a lot is in English.
  2. Pagan Peak - like the above in Topic, this is a German with English subtitles about a mass serial killer that crosses both the German\Austrian borders creating havoc in police jurisdiction. As the drama happens, it is a bit slow at first, but when the serial killer targets the detectives, when the detectives have a sex affair, when the killer gets into personal mayhem. It is an addicting show. Both show from Topic are top notch.
  3. Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu)- How can Reese Witherspoon and Kerrie Washington (Scandal fame) go wrong? It can't. The show begins on a good Samaritan note but quickly turns ugly by the fourth episode as both families deal with the actions of the other and family allegiances change and become suspect. Great drama!
  4. Dev- This is about IT espionage about a topic secret development (hence, Dev) that allows people to see and hear actual events from the past or future. However, when one of key developers leaks info to the Russians, he is quickly murdered by IT security. However, it was done is suspect when video was faked by IT staff. Now, the firm is trying keep her under raps before she goes public.
  5. Homeland (HBO)- Its the last year for the eight year run of this epic series about terrorism, CIA, NSA, covert activities, involving fast moving, gripping events across the globe. Whether its the first or last season, it will get you hooked if you are not already watching!
  6. You (Netflix)- It's about love. A rather sick love of a guy who just can't seem to find the real thing. Everytime he seems to be on the right track, events happen that cause him to kill the one he does seem to love. It all stems from his childhood but the more he tries to break the cycle, the more complicated it gets in relationships. Great acting and show. I think there are a few seasons now.
  7. Narcos (Netflix) - Trying to get the Mexican cartels back in the 1980s was a difficult thing for DEA agents stationed in Mexico. Based on real events, this well acted drama in both Spanish and English, never fails to provide action and corruption at all levels! There are several seasons.

Of course, there are just so many great shows out there, how can one find time to even peruse them? Well, maybe you can now if your in lockdown. If you have suggestions, post them!


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