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Best Television Shows for Gamers

Updated on December 19, 2011

Sitting in a room. Tied to a bed post. Watching a madman. It sounds like a nightmarish reality, but people do it willingly every day--Nervous eye twitch; hides the figurative rope. It's called watching television. Show watching enthusiasts may know every series show worth watching; But, what about those of us who spend our time slaying dragons instead; or working? We are often lost in a gigantic sea of television shows, and may fail to ever find one that truly peaks our interest. This article will expose some of the very best series shows on television, and compare them to video games; in the same way that one would compare oranges to orange juice, or apples to apple pie, or hot cheetos to cheesy hot cheesy cheese sauce. Sorry, I got a little carried away with the cheese...

If you love this game...

If you are an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim fan then it is obvious that you enjoy an awesome fantasy story, snowy exploration, and dragons!

You should be watching...

There is only one T.V. show that is epic enough to rival Skyrim, and to satisfy an Elder Scrolls gamer--Game of Thrones. This HBO television series catches a viewer’s attention quickly, and continues its intrigue all the way to the end. It is a medieval fantasy show with high fantasy elements, such as dragons. The show revolves around the lives of the Stark Family, and two other families that are struggling to rule the Seven Kingdoms by making claim to the Iron Throne. The sheer unpredictability of events in the series would be enough to watch, but the show manages to make the unpredictable events so real, that you wonder why you didn't see them coming. The show's fantastical world is interesting and unique. If you love Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but haven't watched this series, don't deny the temptation any longer--"Game of Thrones" is for you! Keep in mind, "Game of Thrones" is a mature television show, and should only be watched by a mature audience.

If you love this game...

If you enjoyed "Grand Theft Auto IV," and are looking forward to the upcoming "Grand Theft Auto V," then you are clearly interested in well told action oriented stories that are occasionally humorous, and always revolve around street crime.

You should be watching...

"Breaking Bad" is an AMC T.V. series about a school teacher (and young sidekick) who has been diagnosed with Cancer, and believes that he needs money to take care of his pregnant wife, and family when he's gone. The show sheds light on life events that may lead good people to do bad things. It takes an extremely interesting and humorous approach when contrasting the chemistry teacher's boring home life with his action-packed secret life. This is one of the most interesting series shows on television, and shouldn't be missed by anyone who enjoys humorous, action orientated stories, about street-crime and morality. Keep in mind, "Breaking Bad" is a mature television show, and should only be watched by a mature audience.

If you love this game...

If you enjoy the game "Batman Arkham City" then you can understand, and relate to Batman having a secret identity, and declaring "justice" by swearing revenge on crime, after witnessing the murder of his parents, as a child.

You should be watching...

"Dexter" is a Showtime T.V. series that revolves around a forensic analyst and serial killer, who follows a strict ethical code by only killing those individuals who he deems guilty of murder. As a child he witnessed the death of his mother, and it lead him down a dark path. He was raised by an adoptive father, who happened to be a police officer, and taught him how to control his "dark passenger" or sin, by using it as a form of "justice." This is an intriguing show that places interesting twists on the issues of morality. Dexter considers himself a monster in a man’s body, who struggles with the idea of ridding himself of his "dark passenger" on a daily basis. Keep in mind, "Dexter" is a mature television show, and should only be watched by a mature audience.


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    • videogameviking profile image

      videogameviking 6 years ago from California

      Thanks! The shows reminded me of the games, so I figured I'd write about it, lol.

    • Spencer Pearce profile image

      Spencer Pearce 6 years ago from California

      Well Dexter and Batman draw the lines at different places, Dexter draws it across the cheek of his victims and then again through their heart while Batman draws it at knocking them silly. Funny comparisons though, I liked your take on them.

    • videogameviking profile image

      videogameviking 6 years ago from California

      Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

    • DanielJAndrews profile image

      DanielJAndrews 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Haha, awesome hub - love it. :) Something a bit different.


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