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Best Two Words Song Titles Ending With "Me"

Updated on September 3, 2019

Steve Miller's Career Was Soaring Like An Eagle In the Mid Seventies


Had They Omitted The Last Word In "Love Me Do" the Fab Four Would Have Made This List

Being a man who loves everything about words, I am always on the lookout for expressions implied on vanity license plates here in Ohio. Most, I admit, are rather dull in that they leave little to interpret, such as OSU FAN or MY F115.

Others are more enigmatic, therefore causing me to ruminate about the intended message. Such was the case on the red Ford Fusion ahead of me yesterday, which happened to precede my car into the grocery store parking lot.

As the driver disembarked and headed for the cart corral, I asked her the purpose behind the unusual license plate. After all, it was SURRY ME, so I naturally wondered what was the meaning of what looked to be a five letter verb.

I am not sure what I expected, except maybe an unfamiliar slang term that I hoped would not be vulgar. The answer came as a total surprise when she explained that the plate represented her home town, Surry, Maine.

For the rest of that shopping trip my mind was beset by song titles that resembled Surry Me, in that they comprised just two words and ended with Me. Here are the most popular fifteen ended up on my list.

Rock Me by Steppenwolf

John Kay and his rockers had already made the huge hits "Magic Carpet Ride" and "Born To Be Wild", but this single from the seventh album remains a concert favorite.

Help Me by Joni Mitchell

Court and Spark was the folk songstress's commercial breakthrough, thanks to this huge hit as well as "Free Man In Paris" and "Raised On Robbery."

Reconsider Me by Warren Zevon

Eagles xo-founder Don Henley joins in on this pleasing ballad from the Sentimental Hygiene album.

Call Me by Blondie

Amazingly this hit remains in radio rotation some thirty years after it was the first single from the American Gigilo soundtrack.

Take Me by Grand Funk

This rock classic was the first hit the American band landed after dropping the railroad from their name.

Remember Me by Phil Ochs

Of course there is an anti-statement in this song, which can be found on the excellent collection called The Broadside Tapes.

Save Me by Queen

Guitarist Brian May contributed this sweet ballad to The Game, the album that spawned smash hits like "Another One Bites The Dust", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and "Play the Game."

Touch Me by the Doors This short gem is the first brass-backed hit Jim Morrison and his band scored.

Feed Me by Elton John

Rock of the Westies, the most underrated of all his records, is the home of this tune about the desperation involved in drug addiction.

Dang Me by Roger Miller

Pleading from someone to hang him, as the legend does here in the chorus, would have no chance of making the charts in today's politically correct (but somehow much more violent) society.

Why Me by Styx

It was a good feeling when the needle reached this hit on side one of Cornerstone not only because it is a good song, but also because it meant you had made it through the sappy "Babe."

Cover Me by Bruce Springsteen

Originally one of the many hits from Born In The USA, this song made an appropriate title for the album on which the Boss remakes a dozen tunes.

Hold Me by Fleetwood Mac

Overall Tusk, the follow up to Rumours, was a flop. Still, it did manage to offer a few enduring hits like this one and the title track.

Bury Me by Guster

Few were familiar with the pop-rock band when Goldfly came out, but catchy tunes like this one helped introduce music fans to the band who would soon hit the charts with albums Lost and Gone Forever and Ganging Up On The Sun.

Rock'n Me by the Steve Miller Band

Tacoma became nearly as famous as Phoenix, Philadelphia, Atlanta and L.A. because of the first verse in this hit from Fly Like An Eagle.


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