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Beth Hart Is As Good As It Gets!

Updated on December 20, 2013

Photos of Beth Hart

Beth Hart...Singer/Songwriter
Beth Hart...Singer/Songwriter
Some Pics Of Beth...Layout by Becky Jo Gibson
Some Pics Of Beth...Layout by Becky Jo Gibson

Meet Beth Hart! Talented, Beautiful, Raw, And Not Afraid To Invite Us Inside!


I discovered Beth Hart on Star Search in 1993. I rarely watch television, however that night my daughter asked me to sit and watch Star Search with her. Naturally I did. I am very pleased that I was sitting in front of the boob tube that night!

Beth Hart performed for the first time and she rocked the stage like very few can. My daughter and I sat mesmerized by her amazing voice, awesome stage presence and energy. She finished her song and the vote was in...4.0. Not in the least bit surprising to either of us. I asked my daughter what she thought of Beth and her answer was, "wow Mom, she is amazing". She then turned to me and asked me the same question. Without hesitation, I responded "I like her better than Melissa Etheridge". This answer was received with a huge smile and another "wow". I am a die hard Melissa fan and to say that is a huge statement!

Fast forward to 2010. Beth is releasing her sixth album, My California on October 11, 2010. The passing of this milestone would have gone unnoticed by me had it not been for an email I got last week. It was from a friend I introduced to Beth Hart about 10 years ago. The email stated, " So Beth Hart has a new album coming out next month. Yaaaa. You will forever go down in history as the person that introduced me to her. For that, you are my hero." This email not only brought a smile to my face it also got me thinking about music.

I often say, "Art is what keeps me sane, welcome to my sanity" when I show my work to someone. Having considered the impact music has on my mental health, I feel comfortable saying it is not just art that keeps me sane! Music, writing, art, laughter all help keep me sane! All of life's challenges can be put into perspective by listening to a soulful tune, writing, creating something pretty, or finding a reason to laugh. I love music and have it playing pretty much 24 hours a day. I even leave it on while I sleep. I listen to many genres and seldom hear something I do not like. I have an extensive collection and love to share music with people. It makes me feel good to play a song for someone that they have not heard and it is even better if they are hearing the artist for the first time.

Some artists reach in and grab a part of my soul. Beth Hart is at the top of the list of singer/songwriters who speak to my spirit. This is well earned as she speaks from her heart. So...this hub is to introduce you to Beth. If you know her than I hope you will get to know her deeper. I have done just that while writing this hub...I hope you do also!

Beth is intense, raw, honest, and amazing as a songwriter. Her performances are heart felt and leave her fans fulfilled. Her songs are about life, love, struggles, highs and lows. With titles like "Skin" where she sings about her childhood pain with, "If I lay me down, bow my head unto the ground. Would you heal my skin and these blisters within, blisters within my skin". In her song "Mama" she sings of her relationship with her mother saying, "Confused by my own illusions she said that it's only my pride. Even the simplest solutions still won't heal my mind". She shares it all. She holds nothing back. Her songs speak to the soul...

I spent part of the day with Beth on her web site. I assure you it was time well spent. I felt a re-newed spirit for her music. I watched her videos, read her bio, and spent some time feeling the emotions she brings to light. Beth has come a long way since Star Search. I feel confident that she is grateful and humble as she prays before she walks out on stage to sing for her fans. Her grace and confidence shine as she opens hearts, heals wounds, and bravely opens her wounds so that others may heal. I promise you that a visit into her music will be worth your time and consideration. I hope you take a moment to explore and get to know the music of Beth Hart. I know you will not be disappointed!

  • Beth Hart is a very well put together web site.
  • The videos! on her web site.
  • Check out this page, various listed in the music section. I have been searching to find these songs in full form. I have not done so yet. When I do, I will update this hub!

I hope you enjoy your journey through the music that is Beth Hart. I also hope you comment here to let me know what you think.

My Amazon links will take you to her Cd's. Enjoy!

Peace and God Bless...Becky Jo


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    • profile image

      Nancy grimmer 3 years ago

      I heard Beth Hart during an interview on 101.9 Chicago. She was doing an Ella Fitzgerald jazz...beebedeeboobop type jazz roll. It was amazing! She then talked with the interviewer and her laugh was great. Her next song reminded me of Janis Joplin...always loved her voice. I was an instant fan. Asked my husband to get me her CD and have been a fan ever since. Love her music, her person...and her soul. Her music definitely reaches into mine! Thoroughly enjoyed your article! You've been bookmarked :-)

    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 6 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Beth Hart sounds like a singer I want to listen to now, after reading this great review. Thank you for sharing it here.

    • InspiredHippy profile image

      Becky Jo Gibson 7 years ago from Old Town, California

      Thank you...I hope you listen to her music...

      Peace and God Bless, Becky Jo aka Inspired Hippy

    • profile image

      jasper420 7 years ago

      intresting hub intresting topic