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Betrayal -- How Dumb Is Jack?

Updated on October 26, 2013

Really dumb

I know I've asked that before, but his stupidity reached new heights in this episode. What about having an affair doesn't he understand. You like don't invite a party to your affair. One of them could end up outting you in the future.

The episode began with a big old fake-out. Drew told Sarah, upon returning from her tryst, that he knows she's been seeing someone. He also notices how her back is all sunburned. She gives him a lame excuse for how it happened and he applies lotion to her back. Flashback to a day before this moment when Jack convinced her to spend the day on his boat where she acquired said sunburn.

The boat scenes were a real trip. Some people notice Jack's boat and he and Sarah invite them on board where they kind of have an impromptu party where they're acting like an established couple. Drew is the DA and Jack is married into the Karsten family who are embroiled in scandal at the moment. Didn't it ever occur to them that these people might see their pictures in the paper and realize the two are carrying on a clandestine affair?

I thought maybe Jack didn't know just how bad Thatcher can get. But we had a scene where Thatched used a nail gun on someone who snubbed him. Does Jack think Thatcher wouldn't use that nail gun on his private parts for cheating on his daughter?

Speaking of Thatcher, he was boinking the judge in charge of TJ's case and thought he was the reason she agreed to let TJ out on bail. But Jack said he bribed her to do it. Whatever the case, the judge told Thatcher she didn't want to see him anymore.

It turns out Drew can play just as dirty as Thatcher can. He's determined to make a name for himself and to further his political aspirations on the backs of the Karstens. So he's blackmails TJ's sort of girlfriend Brandy to plant a bug in Thatcher's house or he'll have her deported. I don't know how he thinks that's going to benefit him, as nothing he hears on that illegally planted bug can be used in court.

Jack's techie assistant informs Jack she wants to date his 15 year old daughter, Val. I got her name wrong, last week. I saw the name Jules on phone and thought that was her name. It must be the techie's name instead. Jack apparently is well aware of his daughter's sexual orientation and isn't too thrilled about his much older assistant dating his daughter, but he agrees to it.

Seriously, at 15 would you really know that you're batting for the girls' team? Wouldn't you need to explore things and and experiment before you were ready to announce something like that to your parents?

I'm going to say something politically incorrect but I think the lesbian thing is really getting out of control. It's like they've become the new pet rock and every show has to have one in the cast of the cast isn't complete. Mulan went from being in love with Phillip to being in love with Aurora on Once Upon A Time. Under The Dome turned a heterosexual couple in the book into a lesbian couple on the TV show just so they could have them. On Grey's Anatomy, up until this season, Leah was into boys, when suddenly this season she was into girls proclaiming sexuality was fluid. It's like the same sex male couple has become extinct and now if you want to have a gay character on your show it has to be a lesbian.

Both Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters have lesbian characters and they've written them well and it fits the stories being told. But Under The Dome turned a heterosexual couple into a lesbian couple and it seems like they did it for no other reason but it's suddenly politically correct to have a lesbian character/couple on your show. And Callie's conversion from straight to gay on Grey's Anatomy always bothered me because she seemed to be completely hetero when she was suddenly gay, yet if she had problems with her female lover it wasn't long before she was enjoying having sex with male Mark, she even got pregnant by him. I could understand if maybe she was in denial about her sexuality but once she realized she like girls better, when she's on a break from her latest female lover would she go back to swimming with the boys, again?

Anyway, it seems the Val character is the latest member of the ranks and I'm finding it a bit hard to swallow. I thought she was 17, but at 15 would she really know she was gay and have told her parents about it? At 15 wouldn't she just be figuring out who she is sexually. And telling your parents your gay is usually something hard to do. It just makes the story seem farfetched and only added because you've got to have a lesbian in your show or it isn't complete. Diversity is a great thing but the way some of these shows are doing it it's just coming off as forced and over the top. Pretty Little Liars Emily realizing she was gay was handled well and The Fosters have handled the same sex relationship well, as well. Both stories seem natural and not forced like a lot of these other stories on these other shows do.

Rant over. Back to the show.

It turns on Jack was seen by someone. A guy who works for Thatcher has been ordered to dig up dirt on Sarah to use against Drew and he takes photos of Jack and Sarah pawing each other. However, he blackmails Jack into suggesting to Thatcher he work more steadily for Thatcher to keep his mouth shut.

And we finally return to the moment when Drew tells Sarah he knows she's seeing someone. He's referring to a psychiatrist. So he's still in the dark.

In closing, it was this episode that made me realize that Jack and Sarah really aren't that likable. Which may not be a good thing when these are your two lead characters.


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