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Betty Bauer's 'Meatfactory'

Updated on June 25, 2017
Betty Bauer is ready to take the music scene in America by storm.
Betty Bauer is ready to take the music scene in America by storm.
Betty has her eyes on success in America as a singer/songwriter and actress.
Betty has her eyes on success in America as a singer/songwriter and actress.

Singer/Songwriter and Actress, Betty Bauer, debuts her new single titled Meatfactory. The uptempo track written by Bauer tackles the issues that women face in the entertainment industry and in society with sexism and exploitation, and the overall corruption that artists face in the business.

Stories of older, powerful men preying on young women may not be new in Hollywood, but in the last year they have finally, and collectively, become news..

To the point that when actress Rose McGowan recently revealed on Twitter that she’d been raped by a studio head, it was not so much a shock as a confirmation, just one more instance of the “casting couch” being challenged by women not in theory but with disturbing portrayals of actual assault and harassment.

And just as oppressive as the casting couch is, women and minorities are paid far less than their white male counter parts in the entertainment industry. Journalist, Suzanne Lucas, recently reported that when actress Jennifer Lawrence found out her male co-stars were earning more than her, she famously called out Hollywood for its lack of pay equity for actresses. Many discounted her points because she was still very highly paid, despite the fact that she was headlining hugely successful movies while getting paid less than her male co-stars.

Case in point, the highly successful 'Wonder Woman' movie has brought in over half a billion dollars in ticket sales, putting the movie in the same stratosphere as the other successful super-hero movies, like the 'Avengers', and it's predecessor, 'Batman vs. Superman'. But, 'Wonder Woman' star, Israeli actress, Gal Gadot, signed a four picture deal with Warner Brothers at $300,000.00 for each of her four movies as the action heroine. Although a good pay for the relatively unknown actress whose best outing before 'Wonder Woman', was a recurring role in the 'Fast and the Furious' movie franchise. But consider this, French-Canadian actor, Henry Cavill, who was equally as unknown as Gal Gadot was before landing the Man of Steel role, was paid a hefty $14 million dollars for playing the iconic super hero. These issues are not lost on Betty Bauer who is both an actress and singer.

With an impressive acting and performing career already established in Europe, Betty hopes Meatfactory will launch a long term music career that sets her alongside the other outspoken singers that she admires like Madonna, Katie Perry and Lady Gaga.

At first glance and listen, Lady Gaga probably comes to mind almost immediately with Betty’s bold lyrics and music that is a fusion of Hip-Hop and Pop with a Rock edge. But make no mistake, Betty Bauer is very much her own artist with a mission to enlighten and entertain with Meatfactory.

The song was produced by famed music producers, Henry Sarmiento and Chrome Chainz, the production team affiliated with the well-known Sonic Vista Studios. The two who have worked with Lady Gaga, 50 Cent, and Ting Ting Things, to name a few; and the music video was directed by Film Produce, Jesse Scott Bryan of ‘In The Box Entertainment’.

Shot in Georgia, the music video is a classic mix of goth and the macabre, and is set in a run down junk yard with mangled cars.

The plot line for Meatfactory has Betty going through several horrible plastic surgeries in order to adjust the beauty image the industry demands. With the Intention to maintain her beauty and youth eternally, she lives in a coffin wrapped in plastic, leaving her shell only for castings, shootings, red carpet events and other appearances. Her nurse, her manager and Mephisto, the devil, are her ever present companions. It's the day of the premiere of her latest film Meatfactory and Betty Bauer goes through her casual routine on premiere day.

Betty also hosts a blog where artists from all over the world can express their feelings and thoughts on their experiences in the entertainment industry at:

I sat down with Betty for a fascinating Q&A to see what drives this artist musically and what her goals are with Meatfactory.

“The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.”

— ― Hunter S. Thompson

Q&A with Betty Bauer

Q) Betty, you have a new song and video coming called 'Meatfactory'. What's the song about and how did the song come about? What was your inspiration to write this song?

A) Meatfactory throws a critical eye on the entertainment industry and its sheeps. It is a critique of a society, where superficial and perishable ideas and aims like success, looks, beauty ideals, status, and recognition have a higher value than inner evolution, brotherhood, free expression, and individuality. We live in a time where people are afraid to stand out of the mass, and the entertainment industry reflects that behavior in a condensed manner. As a woman you have to be sexy and fuckable in order to be successful and please don’t have a too strong opinion, always stay in the middle so you are good with everyone. Especially actors are trying to be pleasing as they are driven by the fear of not getting a role if they stand out. I want to break this vicious circle and help to empower people from all over the world to be who they are, look for individuality and celebrate their existence. Meatfactory is also a call to all the artists to unite and create something bigger together. Through the years I watched a lot of envy, mobbing, and lone-fighter attitude, especially between actors. I believe that only in union we are strong a can make magic and art happen.
I have been observing the industry and western society for a few years now, and came to a point where “enough is enough”. I needed to find an outlet for my feelings and created Meatfactory.

Q) You shot your video for 'Meatfactory' here in Georgia. What made you go to Georgia and decide to shoot it there?

A) I met the actor and producer Bill Pacer and his wife Ladonna Allison, who are based in Atlanta, at the shooting of a feature film in October/November 2016 in Spain. That was the time when the idea of Meatfactory started to grow. Just before they went back to the states, I explained them my concept and showed them the first draft of the Lyrics of Meatfactory. Bill loved the idea and he and his wife promised me to support me in every way they could.
When I called them a few months later, if the would help me to shoot the video clip they didn’t hesitate and invited me to come over to the states. Here they presented me to Jesse Scott Bryan who directed and produced my video, and the team was complete. Ever since I started Meatfactory magic like this has happened and I got a lot of support on the way. But my arrival in the States has been overwhelming: People have welcomed me and supported me unconditionally. I am really very thankful for each and every person that crossed my way.

Q) What is your hope for the release of your new single?

a) I want to shake people awake and change something not only in the industry but on this planet itself.
b) I want to establish my name as an artist and actress
c) I want to build a solid fan-base
d)I wish to find the support I need in order to continue producing new songs, videos, a feature film etc. every time with a bigger Budget. I have plenty of ideas and visions and I strongly desire to make my artistic visions reality. I already have some more songs on the waiting loop…

Generally there are many hopes or visions connected to Meatfactory, but in the end, I believe if I do my best, the universe does the rest. I am active to a point and then I let go and see what life brings to me. I am deeply surrendered to life and its plan.

Q) How would you describe your music and yourself as an artist on this record?

A) My music opens up to a completely new genre, I would describe it as trap rave pop. LOL. I might come up with a new name for it, but right now I feel this is a suitable description for it.
I would say that I have my own style of rapping and I love the ad-libs and little bits and pieces that you can discover all over the song. As an actress, I put a lot of emotion, intention, and message in my music and I think that it really shows. The message of Meatfactory gets transported very clearly. For me, the song, as well as the video, have been an artistic orgasm. I could really bring in all of my ideas and I found the right people that connected with me and made them a reality.
I guess I will be described as sexy, creative, candid, naughty, individual and strong. But these are of course only a few sides of me, that I show in Meatfactory. Other pieces of my art will show the many different faces that I have.

Q) If you had to be compared to a music artist currently on the scene, who would you say is the artist?

A) I heard from a lot of people that my music reminded them of “Die Antwoord”. I actually didn’t know them until I heard that comparison several times and I googled them. I can definitely live with that comparison as I find their music and style dope. Seems my look and styling is comparable to Lady Gaga, I have been getting that for years, although I believe, I really have my own, original, Betty Bauer style.

Q) You grew up in Germany. Who were some of your musical influences as a child, and when did you know you wanted to be an entertainer?

A) I always wanted to be an entertainer, or let's say artist/ performer/ singer. As a kid, I attended all kinds of dance classes, studied different musical instruments, took voice lessons and was a performer in a circus for kids. I graduated in arts and started to form my own performance group right after high school. Until now my life has been blessed and I have had the privilege that I could always live off my art. I am very thankful for that, but of course- the people that know me know, that I am a workaholic- a 24-hour artist LOL.
When I was young I was torn between Hip Hop, that was upcoming in Germany, and electronic music, techno, that was also starting off and already huge. I had a boyfriend who was part of a Rap group and I went with him to his rehearsals and performances. After we split up I decided to really enter the electronic music scene. So nowadays I have a very eclectic taste in music, but I definitely still love electronic music, especially in Berlin the scene is amazing!

Q) You also lived in Spain for a time. When did you come to America and do you live here in the states now?

A) I have lived a big part of my life in Spain. I consider the island of Ibiza my home, as this is where my heart is. I came to America in March and plan to be based between here and Europe in the future.

Q) You are also an actress. Was that your first entry into the entertainment business? Have you done any films here in America?

A) I studied acting for five years in Salzburg, Austria. In the German-speaking world we have a complete training that prepares you very well for the market. I call it a superman training: You are trained in voice, acting, dance, singing, fighting, literature, theater, and camera.
Prior to that, I was a very successful performance artist. Me and my partner at a time, Max Flame, performed for names like Cirque du Soleil, Duran Duran, David Guetta, Roberto Cavalli etc. We toured in Asia, South America and Europe. At the peak of our success, I decided to look for new challenges and went to LA to study Meisner technique. After a year I decided to quit my performance company and start from scratch to study acting. I really wanted to learn the craft, that's why I focused on playing theater for a few years.
I haven’t done any film yet in America, as I haven´t spent enough time here yet. But this will change soon. Currently, Jesse Scott Bryan, Bill Pacer and I are planning to produce Meatfactory- the feature film.

Q) What has been some of your biggest challenges so far as an actress and as a singer?

A) My biggest challenges as an actress were definitely the years that I was studying and playing at playhouse Salzburg. For most actors, it is a dream come true to be able to work in a stable ensemble in one of the big theaters. You have a steady income and can work every day in your profession. For me it was the opposite: Although I loved to be on stage and to refine my craft every day, I felt like I was tied down like in a 9-5 job labeled with the sticker of art. It made me sick. Although I learned a lot these years, I wasn’t happy. I re-discovered what I already knew: In order to be at my best, I need to be free, create my own art, and design my day-to-day life according to my gusto.
As a singer, my biggest challenge was definitely the musical, 'The Ghosthouse,' that we played all over Austria. We performed it over 130 times in around 3 Months. It was a real challenge to keep it fresh and deliver it every day anew with the same joy and love.
But I know that both musically and in terms of acting I will have many many challenges ahead, and I am truly looking forward to them.

Q) What is your goal now that you have completed work on your new single and what can we expect to see from you the remainder of this and in 2018?

A) As I just mentioned, we are planning our own feature film, but this is a long- term project. In the meantime, I am already working on my next single and have a few more in prospect. Additionally, I will always work as an actress either in film or theater, as acting is my passion and profession.

**You are an awesome artist Betty. We look forward to hearing and seeing more of you over the NEXT weeks, months, and years!

Betty Bauer Photo Gallery

Betty's Logo
Betty's Logo | Source
Betty Bauer strikes a pose in a hoodie.
Betty Bauer strikes a pose in a hoodie.
On the set of video shoot for 'Meatfactory'
On the set of video shoot for 'Meatfactory'

Premiere Audio

Betty's Acting Reel


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