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The Light Between Oceans

Updated on October 3, 2016

Between Lights and Oceans is about a young couple living on an island. The women has two miscarriages and one day when she is outside with her husband she sees a boat. Her husband brings the boat to shore to check it out. In the boat there is a dead man and a baby crying. The husband wants to turn in the baby and report what happened but the wife talks him out of it. Instead they bury the body and keep the baby and claim it is as theirs. Years later the biological mother comes across the husband and the husband writes a letter that he has their baby. He tells her everything that happened and apologizes. The police eventually find the couple who is keeping the child and arrest them. Years later the child visits the man and thanked him for giving her a good life and a life as a child of love.

Lights Between Oceans was a movie that could wait until it came on dvd. It is not a movie that you would want to waste your money on.

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